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Data Cards

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The Data cards are how you track the "effectiveness" of the models in the game.  If you have 4 Templar Knights, you only need one data card, as most folks use a d6 behind the mini to show which damage track it is on (no die - Track 0, die showing 1, on Track 1).


If you need to print out the datacards (so you don't have to photocopy them out of the book), you can go to www.reapergames.com and look on the left side of the page...  Datacard Search will allow you to search by a number of variables, (faction, race, rank, etc.) 


Also, the Army Creator tab is very nice, as the final output includes the data cards for the selected models, the Special Abilites included, all the spells useable by your casters, etc...  basically, you can create your force, use the quick start rules, and have all the information you need to play the game...


Let us know if you have more questions!

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