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Sith Revolt - Star Wars Diorama (Spaceship Superstar Contest Entry)

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Wow, mostly missed the WIP thread on this one, but it turned out great! My one critique would be that there's just so much empty space (pardon the pun). Putting the figures closer together and reducing the overall size would make it tighter and more effective, I think. That said, all the elements are top notch (the OSL especially) and they tell a clear and dramatic story.

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I agree, was trying to keep it in scale with how large that room is haha.


Thanks for comments and compliments!

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It looks great; I'm glad you were able to finish it up in time!


I'll echo the comment SlenderTroll made about all the 'empty' space, but I see where you were going with it.


Congrats on a job well done!

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That ball is in Outer Space... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Job Ub3r !

Love the whole of it...

Window looks magnificent, and the throne is a hoot !

Great Great Job.

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Thanks Jay!


After comments/feedback, I'm thinking I have the time today to trim down the base and move the figures closer together, then retouch a bit of paint and retake pics. I still have until 9:59pm my time to do it and get it placed in the contest.

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Totally missed the WIP.  I really need to go over there more... 


Agree with the negative space comments.  A more condensed area would help but with that said it looks like the minis can be removed and this could be a gaming area.  Was that the intent? 


Love the chair and the window....  Super job and Darth and the Sith..   

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Totally missed the WIP. I really need to go over there more...


Agree with the negative space comments. A more condensed area would help but with that said it looks like the minis can be removed and this could be a gaming area. Was that the intent?


Love the chair and the window.... Super job and Darth and the Sith..

Thanks for your comments and feedback!


Yes, the minis can be removed, they are attached under the bases with magnets. I like having them removable so that if I or my group wants to use them in our TTRPG games we can do so.


Defiantly going to go back and fix some stuff after my football game is over hah.

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Just want to say, this came out great.  I think the critiques are spot on.  I think the larger area would work if there was more going on but with just two figs it would feel tighter and more intense with them closer together.

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