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CAV: Rubber Forehead Aliens

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...so they don't exactly correspond to a fantasy archetype.

Meanypants cat people.


OMG they're the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire!!   Haahahahahahahaaa!!

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I just thought it was kind of interesting. Being as they're sculpted minis, they could be durn near anything. Kzinti. Dreenoi. Intelligent shades of the color blue.

Instead... they're guys with funny foreheads.

And as far as I can tell, the Ritterlich are just... guys. Except the ones who are women...

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A lot of the nations from CAV came from names in the Dark Heaven Apocalypse world.  If you can find a copy of "The 12th Journal of Johann Kruger" from that game it helps bring the two together.

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    • By Pancakeonions
      So I just got a metric ton o' plastic.  Tanks, CAVs, tons of scenery!  So DAMN excited.
      There's a lot.  Any of y'all with game experience want to enlighten me on what would be a fun few models to start with, so I could get a game going soon-ish?  Like, would you build all four of a CAV (just in case you didn't back this one: you get four of each model in your order) or four different CAVs?  When would you ever field four at a time?
      I'll probably build all four vehicles of each type because they'll build fast and look really cool.  The CAVs will take more time to paint, so any advice on which ones I should build first to get a fun, casual game on would be most appreciated!
    • By Guyscanwefocusplease
      Hi all,
      Been working on a CAV Dictator for the secret santa exchange, and wanted to use it to not only explore rach color schemes, but also to continue to develop my skills with edge highlighting and blending (canopy).  I am really happy with how it came out, though I still need a lot of practice. Brush control is getting better but is still far from perfect!
      Obviously still needs a base; C&C welcome!

    • By Vytau
      Hey all - I haven't been painting as much the last few weeks since school is back in session, and that means I've suddenly gotten very busy.  But I did manage to put aside all the usual hassles a couple nights ago and paint up a few Rach fighters! 
      The paint scheme is the same as my usual Rach force:  the Khaki triad mainly, purple accents, and then a blood red cockpit.  The big difference between my fighters and others you might see on any other CAV table is that mine are well above the ground.  I wanted to give my fliers the bird's-eye view they deserve, so I mounted them on heavy washers and used brass rod to elevate them.  I think these are in the 6" ballpark, but I would have to double-check.  
      Also, I still need to flock the bases and tidy these up, but I think this is close enough for now. 

    • By Chrome
      About this model: The 1/60 Despot was designed and built by John Bear Ross, under license from Reaper, back around 2003 in a limited run. I don't remember the exact number but I want to say there were only 100 made. It is a combination of resin and metal parts and requires quite a bit of assembly before I can start painting. The tank treads look to be the most difficult part.
      Before anything more, I want to say that Mike Hardy (aka Black Lightning 2 back in the day) is awesome! I couldn't afford to buy one of these limited edition models when they were released, but several years ago Mike needed to clear out some space and contacted me to see if I was interested in buying his Despot. He could have sold it for a lot of money on eBay, but he wanted it to go to someone who'd appreciate it.
      I jumped at the chance to finally get one of these, but when it arrived I was simply overwhelmed. I loved assembling CAVs, but this is a lot bigger, and I've never been much of a painter, so it just sat in its box on a shelf...
      For eight long years...
      It's time to fix that. 
      I can't get links to my Google Photos account to work here, so I'm just uploading a few pics for now. If anyone knows how to get those working, please let me know.
      The first pic is of all the parts laid out in their glory. (I took these photos w/my cellphone, which is turning everything yellow under the florescents. Once I actually start painting, I'll break out my camera to get better photos.) Followed by all a closer shot of all the resin pieces, then the metal pieces. And finally what she will kinda look like once she's all put together.
      And here's a link to the Google Photos album where I have even more pics: https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipOp9xyRL5EtNEU00011Q62fvi72OWjS80VgCPB2

    • By Vytau
      I had a productive night!  I primed these a few days ago, and just got down to a nice solid 6 hours of painting tonight.  Coffee + podcats + painting = my little slice of heaven! 

      Alas, I can't keep my eyes open any longer, so I'm calling it a night.  I still have some highlighting do to on the metallics, and I still have to base them, but I think they're close enough to showtime to show off.  
      Also, yes, it is Junebug season here in Michigan, and my current paint setup is in the garage.  Little buggers were all over the place! 

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