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Stonehaven Kitsune

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Next up are a pair of Kitsune from Stonehaven.  (if anyone can't tell I like their minis) :D


These are rather flat without some serious manipulation of the tails and, in the females case, the arms too.  But overall they came out pretty good.  Tried for a classic starfox coloration on the male and a classic anime on the female.  Not sure if I got it but I like how both came out.  Once again Happy Seppuku base stamps to the for on the bases.  Riverbed on the female and Urban Jungle on the male. 




post-5901-0-84503900-1410142154.jpg  post-5901-0-64365700-1410142155.jpg


post-5901-0-26870500-1410142153.jpg  post-5901-0-04773100-1410142154.jpg


QCC still welcome!

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