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Games Workshop: Craftworld Eldar BFG ships

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I posted this in the spaceship superstar contest but thought I would also see what people thought of them in general.  They are my favorite of the Battle Fleet Gothic ships.  sleek and deadly with the move shoot move rules to make them really special to their enemies.  These are done with reaper polished bone on the hull and Devon Mini Prussian blue on the sails.  they are just really pretty ships.  I have the smaller ones and Prince Yuriel's flagship and some smaller escorts but I didn't get to them in time for the contest.  Two of these make for a very interesting game against anything except Necron.









Let me know what you think!


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These are the craftworld eldar. The typical eldar ships you see are pirate factions.  These ships have bonuses for just about every feature, they have teleporting boarding parties, and stacking lance weapons (hit once, roll again, repeat up to 3 times)  As a lance pretty much ignores armor, this is pretty devastating (and they get a bonus to hit on that too.).  Just to add insult to injury they can turn in any direction before starting movement.rr


They do not, however have shields.  Getting hit is a real bummer. They really are pretty though.  when I finish the rest of the fleet I will post the entire set.  On these models, the weapons up on the front of the ships are magnetized to switch between lance and battery. 


Glad you like them!

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    • By Brother Chaplain Kage
      I imagine one day that GW will update the Phoenix Lord models but I'm tired of waiting and some months ago started on a Jain Zar custom figure that I worked on here and there between other projects. This year I decided I wanted to focus on the large amount of Eldar stuff I have that's been gathering dust for years and I'm going to be focusing on three Phoenix Lords in particular: Jain Zar, Karandras, and Fuegan simply because they are my favorites. I might end up doing all of them, but for now, I'll begin with Jain Zar.
      So what did I want to accomplish with this? As much as I like the story of the Phoenix Lords, I have never liked some of their models even when they were still relatively new when I got into the game shortly after 3rd ed came out and now with two decades of newer, better models to outshine them, I feel like my sculpting and converting skills are at a point to tackle my own vision for them. Jain Zar's model is, in my opinion, the worst one of the bunch. The hair is crazy, the boots are ridiculous, and the pose makes the figure horribly unbalanced and prone to falling over. Aside from changing the pose, it occurred to me that the Phoenix Lords and their armor have been around since The Fall when the Eldar were still mostly one race. Once the they split, their cultures and technology evolved along different lines and I imagined that the armor of the Phoenix Lords should be a blend of the two and something unique among the modern aspect warriors that follow them.
      Here's my first sketch of the pose idea I had with a little greenstuff prep work already on the legs:
      I'm obviously going with Dark Eldar parts because I think their proportions are better and just look better than the older Eldar stuff. Renowned for being fast, I wanted to have her in a running pose and used pictures of sprinters for reference.
      Being a stickler for realism, I figured Jain should have a little more muscle on her than the official model, particularly in the legs from doing all that running.
      Here's where it starts to get ugly. The way the wych leg halves comes together doesn't leave much room for pinning and I had to trust in my sculpting skills that I could eventually make this look good because even I was having some doubts at this point. I did like how the legs were coming out though.
      Refining the shape of the legs and trying out something for the right arm.
      Recreating her signature glaive.
      Finally filling in the waist and adding the armor to the legs.
      I wasn't happy with the torpedo breast armor on the DE model so changed it up and also (shocker) wasn't happy with the previous work on the waist and removed most of it to try again.
      Much better go at the waist and the chest is looking good. Added a soul stone and started working on converting a head for her.
      More refining on the armor, more work on the head, and the spear breaks! Note the cutouts on the side of the face where the Banshee mask amplifier things will go.
      Now note how I filled them in because I had the idea that Jain Zar's nickname - Storm of Silence - should be literal. She is completely silent and is such a powerful psyker that she does not need an amplifier for her Banshee Wail. Building the foundation for new hair that will be a little long, but nothing like the original model or her artwork.  Spear still broken.
      Aaaaand now the current state of her with a fixed spear and a few tiny changes here and there that are probably not visible to anyone but myself.
      I have a little work done on Karandras but I want to get a little more progress before I unveil him. Thanks for looking!
      *edit* No more img tags? Hmm, not sure if I like that.
    • By odinsgrandson
      Here's the start of a Harlequin force that I painted up for a client just a little while ago.  This is the third full army of Harlequins I've painted, and each has had a very distinct and different color scheme concept.
      I really love doing Harlequin characters- the patterns are a lot of fun.  For this particular group, I kept the color pallet under fairly tight on each of them in particular- so the whole group doesn't get too crazy.

    • By Erifnogard
      I have a ridiculously long running project that I work on when I have the whim.  I have been using Eldar guardian arms, weapons, and helmets with the old jetbike rider leather jacket torso and high elf archer legs to create Eldar Corsairs.  I'm hoping that starting a thread will motivate me to get back to this but if nothing else I'm pretty happy with the conversions so at least others can see them.  Here's the first batch of pics (this is the ones I happen to already have pictures for).

    • By odinsgrandson
      Here is another Harlequin Solitaire that I got to have a go at.  The challenge was to do him up in black and white, but it was all about the subtle differences in the black- some of it has a little more red and some a little more blue to it, and I actually went through quite a few other colors as I highlighted it up.
      Hopefully, some of those things show up in the pictures:


    • By odinsgrandson
      Here's a force I've worked on in a few batches.  The concept for the force is that the Wraithguard are all ancient machines that the Exodites maintain, while riding dinosaurs into battle.
      Here's the force's farseer, and three Wraithguard that I added recently.




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