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SPM142006: Shattered Sword Paladins Paragon (Charging) [Speedpaint]

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More experimentation with metallics. Here's the charging Shattered Sword Paladins Paragon:


















He's much brighter in person...I couldn't get the lighting quite right today.


I'm still working on my TMM process. I started with a navy blue and glazed metallic blue on until the highlights were the same color as the undiluted paint. I did the same thing with the silver, but it didn't come out quite as good.


As always, C&C welcome!

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Ooo, that metallic blue is simply scrumptious!  :wub:  What is the brand/name of the paint you used?


I agree that the silver isn't as strong as the blue, but I couldn't possibly tell you what to do to make it pop stronger.  :down: Maybe a metallic white??? This is something I still need to play around with, so I'm not sure what would help.



--OneBoot :D

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I wouldn't say metallic white actually. Your blue is amazing, and shades nicely, but the silver is flat. To shade it you need to start with black and shade up to silver highlights. I start with pure black and mix in silver a bit at a time, until I get the effect desired. The brightest highlights are pure silver, or sometimes silver and pearl white, especially if I want it to look more like platinum. At least, that's how I've been doing it lately.


If you aren't adverse to watching videos, check out the Painting Clinic on youtube, he has a great video on shading silver. It really helped me with mine.

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The blue is just Craftsmart Metallic Blue with lots of matte medium and water (glaze consistency).

I did the same with the silver, but that one must have had a significantly higher pigment density (because I did exactly the same thing: black base, glaze silver). You can see where it's a little darker on the sides of the shield...that's one coat.  <_<


Navarre's a pretty cool model. Comes with a helmeted and bare-headed option. He has so much detail, though. Tons of gilding on his armor. (That's why I didn't use him to practice my SSP color scheme on.)

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