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I am awaiting the arrival of my florescent desk lamp sometime today.

As I said when I posted Lucius to the show off...I'm off to paint something DIFFERENT.

I think this is quite different..ROFL.

This is the Frog Bishop from Dark Sword Miniatures.

I am looking forward to painting it.

Its bigger; but just as challenging as the 25 mm,

and the details are fantastic.  So, here is what his Grace looks like.

He's primed.







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Finally !

My florescent lamp set up just arrived.

It has an armature so it is off my painting desk.....

Nothing like good light with an improvement, I get more desk space back now.

Hopefully it isn't like a house, that extra bedroom soon gets an occupant !



So I can begin working on His Grace, Bishop Ribbit...ROFL

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I promised Auberon that I would slow down on the painting speed that I do, so he can catch up, and I can start enjoying painting a lot more.

I switched to this anthropomorphic Miniature (I actually have four Frogs) to paint because you need to be challenged to grow.

I dearly love Tom Meier Sculpts, and I have another 8 of them still to paint, but I need to bring something fresh to those miniatures now.

This is all new to me, and should be a hoot to paint, also, I'm a bit of an expert in the symbolism on this miniature, and so I have several

colors (Gold, White, Red, Green, Purple, Black, and PINK) to chose from. I'll have to think about it.


Anywho, here is the Froggy after I lined him.  Lots of details in that sculpt !





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Nice nice nice contrast on the skin. You could add depth to the shadows by very gently and precisely glazing some purple into the shadows. If you do it, go slow, maKe sure you are using thin thin paint and build it up slowly. When glazing, the brush should be almost dry. I would dark line the ouside of the eyeballs with a dark brown, be super careful though. Add some pure white reflection points onto the eyeballs too. I can tell you are out of your comfort zone on this and as a result you are pushing yourself. Nice!

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I absolutely love this series of miniatures. I have the Prince on my desk to paint in November, and I can't wait.


Your greens on the bishop's face are stellar!

Thanks Sanael !

I should have gotten the prince as well, however I got the Queen,King, and the Executioner :)


I am laughing like mad as I do these.

Thanks for the compliment on the skin tones, they are a hoot to do.

I'm looking forward to working on the Robes.. That will be a ton of fun also.

Good luck on the Prince !

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Yes, they are hilarious to paint. I may well go for a deeper green like yours on the prince...I did the jester* last year and used very yellowish greens, so the foresty shade might be a nice change.


Can't wait to see more of yours! Have fun!


*shameless self-promotion: check my index link in my sig and you can find a link to the jester if you like.

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Slowly adding color, and trying to work out the paint scheme.

I'm not rushing this one, I want to have fun.

I think he is going to have PINK socks, off white robe, with light blue shadows...

I'm messing with paint on a drawing pad I keep next to my palette.


I added some orange and some white to his eyes, and messed with his tome.




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    • By TaleSpinner
      For the ReaperCon MSP Open this year, I painted the master copy of the White Drake I sculpted for Dark Sword (it will be released for sale in 2022).  I decided to do him in glacial coloration inspired by a glacier I saw while on a cruise in AK.
      For the Sculpting story, click here.
      For the Painting WIP, click here.
      Oh, and I won a gold medal for him in the Open category. 
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      This fellow has been lurking at the bottom of a drawer or box for over 30 years.... I finally painted him up. It was actually a bit irritating somehow... I guess that's why he sat in nothing more than a coat of primer and a red shield for so long! Not sure the maker, maybe citadel? He is on a metal part for the slot base that helpfully says 'orc'. All this time later, I love him just for nostalgia and remembering my dad painting up all those orcs... and we never used the minis in play!

    • By TaleSpinner
      I've been working on my drakes/dragons for what feels like forever now.  Last week, Jim of Dark Sword brought me a copy of the metal masters for the small versions of them as they are being prepared for casting.  He gave me permission to paint one up as my ReaperCon entry, despite their not being released yet.  So here goes...
      If you want to read the whole tale on the sculpting of these drakes, check out this thread in the sculpting section.
      After prepping the mini, I primed it with my airbrush, using stylrnez.

      About 6 months ago, I had started painting a resin prototype of this mini that I had printed.  That mini was a bit too small and had some errors in the scales on its tail, so I abandoned it.  That said, I am sticking fairly close to the color concept I had with that one and will be using it as a preliminary sketch of where I want this one to go.  Here is that sketch model:

      On Saturday, I got together with a bunch of friends to work on our Open entries and I began the painting in earnest,  All paints are MSP.  The dorsal scales are based in Sharkbite, the sides in Marid Blue, and the belly in Grindylow Green. The belly was washed in a mix of Grindylow Green and Clear Pthalo Green.  I have more work to do on that shading yet though.  I then shaded the sides down to Sharkbite.  I also have more work to do on the deepest shadows there yet after I get the highlights done.


      I also painted the eyes and teeth. 
      Yesterday, I highlight the sides up to white and based the claws in Drow Skin.


      I plan on spending every night this week working on it and have Friday off as well.  I hope I can be done on Friday, but we'll see.  I do have all my classes prepped, so am ready for ReaperCon other than this project and one other metal work project I have going.  It is going to be a busy week though.
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      These look like fun.  26 hours left.... 

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      So here they are. The Ogre Squad. You can see the WIP here.

      I love how nonchalant and casual this guy looks.

      especially when compared to this guy.

      The oldest of my ogres. Metal and unfinished for years because I was just never happy with him. 

      another angry ogre
      fond of the face(s) on this guy and also the pig. The rope on the barrel was a little frustrating though. It had a mold line right down its length and even though I wasn't doing much line cleaning for these guys that was both a hard one to fix and a hard one to ignore.

      the bones black ogre has the best grumpy ogre face. He painted up nicely with very little clean up to ignore.

      the other metal ogre Kagunk and his amazing shield. This guy sat just primed for a good long while as I just was never sure how to handle the shield face. The older chieften's club face was easier since it was always going to look like wood, but this I had to think about a bit. I think it works pretty well.

      a few attempts at a group shot. Bigger minis are hard to keep all in focus at once.
      There it is then. There are a couple of details I see I still need to do and the metal chieftains need to be sealed. But otherwise that is it for this lot. I did by the other ettin in bones and I might order the other ogre leader and I think I have a bones half ogre around somewhere.  If I paint them I may update this with new squad members. We will see.
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