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So I'll be honest. At first I thought the watermark was an absurdly tiny mini/the actual figure was giant.


But oh my gosh, he's so handsome! I love the colors! Awesome choice on the violet and gold accents! 

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Beautiful work per usual sir! The shadows really sell the OSL pale lighting hitting the front edge of the figure and across the parts of the mini that extend closest toward it. My only nitpick would be that I think the lateral right leg gets a little too much 'lighting credit' with respect to where it looks like the OSL is originating but that is a serious nitpick and isn't intended to detract from the beautiful work!!!

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Thanks, and yes.  I actually painted his eyes in pretty much the same way I do Super Dungeon eyes (black first, then white, then add a color over the white).


If I remember right, I actually used a clear bright for his eye color because what I had used originally was way too dark (I wanted his eyes to really pop, you know?).

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    • By Cyradis
      I picked this figure because I like it but don't have strong attachment to it. The face turned out a bit mushy, but eh, s'ok. OSL was a "hmm, it should be there". Skin tones are Reaper vampiric and dusky triads. Most of the rest of the figure is with Kimera Kolors which are crazy heavy pigments; this figure was an experiment in learning how to use them. 
      Photo is... so so. Didn't have ability to set up proper station so this'll have to do for now. 

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      I haven't posted here much, as I lost painting last year to depression.  But I have made great strides, both in battling the mind disease and in painting!
      It's not Reaper, but I wanted to show off these Malifaux Gremlins because I am so proud of them.



      I look forward to posting more here as I paint. I have a whole shelf of Reaper minis in my backlog!
      - Magic Brew

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      Hopefully they will progress without further delay/interruption...unlikely as that is.
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      Superhero landing pose...

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