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77153: Nagendra Stalker and Second Bones attempt

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So as someone who has trouble painting bones(can't figure why) what are your first impressions between bones and metal)?


It's tough for me to say because 1) I just started painting minis last week. 2) I've only painted one metal mini. and 3) I don't use conventional mini paints.

I think my big thing was that I felt it was easier to prime and do a base wash on the metal mini, but the one metal mini I used was a bit battered and old, so I imagine it was less slick (and yeah, I know you don't have to prime the Bones, but I like a base to help the paint stick.)


You're work is quite good. And I like the swords, they look like they have a spell effect on them (like if they hit you, you'll be slowed, or covered in acid, or something worse... :blink: ).


Keep up the good work! ^_^


Thank you! With the touch-up I did on the swords, the blue is thinned out a little so it doesn't dominate, but it's still there. :)

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      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received. 
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