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Great Start!


I think you will like the Reaper MSP sample, and notice the difference in how it flows off the brush. As said above, if you can, invest in the Learn to Paint Kits, the paints alone are worth the money and you will be more sucessfull in replicating whatever you are seeing in Youtube vids  :blush:

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You did a lot of things right with this figure. You darkened between the layers of fur on his face, between his forelegs  and his belly and again between his belly and haunches. The highlighting on his body is good, but could come up a bit more. Also his tusks look great going from dingy to light as you go up.  


Now I'm going to say something that is almost sacrilegious around here. Don't learn to paint using BONES figures. They lack crisp detail, they don't take the paint as smoothly as metal miniatures and they just don't look as good as metal mini's. The metals are more expensive, but worth the investment IMHO. Many people may disagree with me, but I found painting BONES a huge step down from painting metals.

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Anne is a seriously talented painter, and normally any advice she gives should be adhered to like superglue.


But on this one (and probably only one) occasion I think i'm going to have to respectfully disagree.


The quality of Bones miniatures is generally very very good, sometimes not as good as a decent metal miniature and definitely not as crisp a a proper resin sculpt.  But at the level of skill we're working at that isn't really a major concern like it would be for Anne and its far outstripped by the volume of Bones minis you can get for the price of a metal or resin miniature.  And if your like me you'll need to put a lot of paint on a lot of minis to get as good as you can be.  



Some tips, you've probably heard them before but they might be useful.


1. Always thin your paints with water (or a mix of flow improver/water if you find that helps more) 50/50 is a good place to start, then build up layers, this stops detail being lost though pooling.

2. If your priming a miniature (I don't prime Bones myself) then I recommend using White primer, it keeps your colours bright and true and no great artist of the last 2000 years I know of ever started with a black canvas. 

3. Push yourself to learn new techniques like blending, non metallic metals, Object Source Lighting.  You'll probably take a few attempts to get the skills as good as you want them but it just takes practice.

4. Put some effort into learning how to photograph your miniatures, its not hard to get good results, you don't need an expensive camera but i've lost count of the numbers of good paint jobs that aren't done the justice they deserve due to poorly lit out of focus photos.

5. Normally i'd say invest in some good quality paints, Reaper MSP, Vallejo or Army painter are good, even Citadel are worth using (especially their Technical range) but you seem to be getting good results from the Americana ones so see how you get on with them.

6. Rebasing miniatures onto resin bases is really easy and makes a major difference to a miniature.  I'd recommend it especially for Bones miniatures as they look awesome when on a good resin base.  


I have to say you are quite a lot better than I was when I started, keep going and keep posting your results. If you want any other tips feel free to drop me a line on my blog.

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Thank you so much everyone!  :blush:


I have to admit, I had read a lot of blogs and stuff before buying BONES figures, and I really had a hard time deciding whether or not this would be a good idea. But seeing how I've already done 3 minis in metal, I thought I could risk the plastic, now that I know how to work my craft paints. And I was actually impressed by the quality of the minis, considering the price they cost! It'll be perfectly fine for me, as I have no intention of becoming a real professional like some of you.


I love the forums, you're all so great. I mean, you can't get jealous of anyone because you're all too nice and you share your secrets. Sooo awesome. :P


And now the big reveal: my barbarian girl! She's model #02476, and it was love at first sight in my local game store. Had big projects for her, and I love the result! The varnish came out shinier than I wanted though, but I'm reaaaaally happy with the teeny tiny details I got on her! For the base, I used some metal glue and brown paint to simulate mud, glued some black sand on there and a bit of lichen-thingy for the dying bushes. Oh, and I used a drop of nail polish top coat to make the jewel on her belt really shiny! ^_^ Just bought some Reaper Anti-Shine additive today (I'm so newb, I actually had no idea something like that existed lol) to correct the gloss in my matte varnish for next time. Or maybe I'll just re-coat that one later. ;)



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In my own, never been humble opinion, you may not be planning on ever becoming a 'pro' but you have some obvious talent, and so long as you enjoy painting, and are willing to try new things to make it look 'better than the last' as it where. I think you have a great deal of potential to become one of the favored painters around here. Most of whom aren't 'professionals' either

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Welcome to the Hobby !

Very Nice Gift !

You have entered the portals of one of the nicest places on the net.

Ask and there is someone amongst this group that will provide the RIGHT answer.

Read the FAQ's, they're loaded with great information.

When you log in, go to the bottom of the page far right, and click on "Most Liked Content".. that stuff will blow your mind.

Look at the work that is in the WIP pages, it will give you two tons of ideas.

Again, Welcome to our world.

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welcome and dont be shy!   A can of Krylon Matte spray from your local hardware store will knock down the shine quite well and give the mini a protective coat as well.  (you would have to then touch up the jewel with repear sealer or your nail polish varnish to give it back its shine though).

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Very nice paint job, and a lovely birthday present.


Welcome to the forums.  We're all nuts... but its the nice kind!


Just as a heads up though, don't add the anti shine to your varnish to make it matt though, use a matt coat over your glossy varnish to degloss it (assuming you want to play with your minis the gloss coat protects your paint job much better than the matt one).


Before adding the anti shine, make sure you look carefully on how to use it...




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