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I hope to make an update at least once per two weeks... one per week will be perfect, but I have to have something for show


Once per two weeks is great! Like I said, even if there's nothing to report, just tell us that you are still in production (or at whatever stage you are in) without any pictures to share in the update.

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Many of the kickstarters I've backed or followed recently failed to have a 48 hour surge. I'm not sure if it is people backing early with the thought that they can just cancel later, no one paying attention to things they've starred, or something more nefarious.

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I am thinking a lot of people that in the past, would jump in during that last 48 hours, have started being a little more cautious with their money, after having been burnt, or fearful of delays, etc.  Or, the well has just run dry because of the holidays coming.  I know I have seriously cut back on my pledging recently.  This was one of several KS I was really interested in, but had to decline backing because of that damned responsibility bit.  If this was 2-3 months down the road, I would have been all over these.

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Food doesn't count. I may toss an orange in the stocking but I'm not pretending it isn't something I'd just have given him any day anyway.


If he wants fancy clothes, that can be the gift he wants. Otherwise he'll just wear whatever my wife feels like.


He'll need an erector set in a few years though.

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Dec 12 2014


Progress Update #1


Greetings Norsgards Fans,


Welcome to the first of what should be a weekly update from us. In an effort to keep you all informed of what is going on we will making every effort to keep in touch. We can't promise that we will have big news every week, but we will be here and touching base with you. 


For this week we wanted to share with you all an update on the cards. This week we thought we would share our new Howling Horde game cards. Have a look and see if you can spot any errors or possible mistakes with them. We are counting on your help to make this game as good as it can be.




Devon & Pawel

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Guess not, it's asking only about what you want your name to be in their rulebook. I was very excited to fill it out so quickly.  :upside:
Creator Norsgard Games 1 day ago

That is correct. This is just a survey to get addresses and your names for the book. The Pledge manager will be out next year (like January).

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Jan 9 2015


Progress Update #4


Hello Norsgard Fans!


We have a HUGE update today with everything you could ask for and more. First up are the images for the Ravn Skaller.




It should be noted that the raven is not a part of the orc model. So, players can attach it to another base and use the model instead of crow token. Should give you a bit more flexibility. 


As if that weren't enough we present to you the full rules and army lists:


Alliance of the Bat:



The Scarlet Watch: 



The Howling Horde:



Rules - campaign options will be added at the end of January:



Now all of this doesn't come without a price. We really need your help proofreading and playtesting this game to make it everything it can be. So if you haven't done so yet please create an account on our forums here:  http://forum.norsgard.com/index.php/board,5.0.html


With your help we will make an outstanding book. We consider each and everyone of you to be part of the Norsgard family and your thoughts and inputs are greatly appreciated. So give everything a look and help us make this the best little skirmish game it can be.


Pawel & Devon

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