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77191: Savannah Hydra WIP


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Here’s my current progress on a diorama I’m building, starring the Bones Hydra!

Some backstory…

"In the great grassland plains in the south, where immense herds of hooved beasts roam and mighty elephants traverse the sea of grass and islands of forest, there lives a mighty predator.

This is the Plains Hydra, a tawny-gold monster that manages to thrive in the savannah. It relies on ambush to capture prey, hiding in the tall grass and waiting for them to graze nearby. As it is quite a large animal, it often has to evacuate a pit in the soil to help hide its bulk, with its heads stretched out and hidden in the grass, waiting…sometimes for days…before prey wanders within reach.

With its stubby forelegs more suited for digging and supporting the weight of its heads, it cannot pursue prey very well. So if it misses its initial lunge into the herd, it could possibly wait for weeks before it has another chance. Because of this, all five heads attack at once, increasing its chances that at least one snapping maw will make a kill. Often the herd is so confused and startled that the victim would run away from one head straight into another.


It has a powerful sense of smell and will take advantage of any carrion it scents on the wind"


And there you have it! I am sculpting the zebras myself …link to the sculpting thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/56797-siri-sculpts-some-zebras/


THe hydra only has a very basic base coat, i've been working on the zebras for now



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Holy crap! How do you find the time to do so much awesome work?


haha it's what I do all day long  ::D: i've got lots of projects I usually run at the same time, helps me from getting burnt out/bored on any one single project. Got a paper plate full of minis that need detailing like eyes and highlights before they're finished too, really should get all those done...

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