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The Green Alliance - scifi WW2 Orc Miniatures by MaxMini


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TheGreenAlliance – a full blown sci-fi orcs and goblins army geared up with WW2 US Army inspired equipment.


Tabletop miniatures spiced up with high level of craftsmanship and humor, The Green Alliance Army is ready to storm a battlefield near you










Here's a list of the confirmed sets with their "bullets" cost (read on for an info on all the models we have planned and may get unlocked during the campaign):



confirmed units


Mind the shipping costs - it depends on the number of "bullets" you spend ( the more bullets spent = the bigger teh package). To make things simple we have made 3 tiers:



shipping cost


What material the models are made of? They are a mixture of highest quality resin and white metal. This way we get the best of 2 worlds - finest looking miniatures and something that would withstand even harsh treatment on the tabletop. Most of the infantry units have metal bodies with resin heads and bits, while vehicles are primarily resin.




A lot of sweet goblins and orks for painting/your favourite SF wargame or even real WWII games. I've bought from MaxMini (a well established company even if they are new to KS) before and have always had great minis and great service

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Top Posters In This Topic

Several stretch goals have been passed


Ork Bikers have been unlocked

Goblin Tanks have been unlocked


and bonus freebies


More Goblin Heads (any backer who gets a goblin unit will get more variety of heads)

More Ork Torsos (any backer who gets ork units will get more variey of torsos)

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Those prices look about right to me. 10 goblins for 15 bullets is 15 dollars, 10 orcs for 35 bullets is 35 dollars so $3.50 each. The vehicles look like they are right in line with other similar resin vehicles. I think they are going to come up way short on shipping, at least for overseas shipping.

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For reference, the GW Ork Boyz are $29 for 10 plastic minis.


Kinda tempting, though I will probably accept that I should just order some when they come out commercially.




So plastic GW orcs $30, better looking Resin Orcs $5 more, definitely priced about where they should be.

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Now Unlocked





Big Trukk

Special Weapons Team

Orc Veterans

Willys (Jeep)

Airborne Squad

Orc Commando




More Orc Heads (more variety in those you get not more numerically)

Bits Pack (grenades/waterbottles that sort of thing)

Objective Markers



Concept for Walking Tank which is up next



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Update #6 Sep 17 2014


The mobile fortress clankers :)


This particular concept is one of those I'm really proud of. And we came with it after encountering a rough spot - after biped tanks concepts we were so fixated on them it was difficult to come with something fresh. That's when I suggested that we're looking too much at tanks and other vehicles for interesting shapes - planes have a lot of interesting surfaces to draw from too, for example B17 The Flying Fortress.




The idea immediately kicked in and shortly after I have contacted Glen to work on sketches. He rendered a series of concepts which quickly have taken final shape. We plan to make those with open canopy so you could see the orc operator encased inside. Enjoy!




Orc Exosuit

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