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03655: Rusty Iron Cobra

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What a great idea! I am currently in the middle of painting this one as well, I will have to decide if mine is going to have rust spots...

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Needs oil!


Nicely done.  Other than Martin, I think you're the first to put paint to this one.  Love it!


Super glad! He was fun  ^_^ Thanks again for sending him to me


Very nice rust effect, Siri.


Thanks! I've taken quite a liking to painting rust now  ::D:

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    • By Darcstaar
      These were the third installment of my Bones 1 WIPs.
      Which is metal?  Which is BONES?
      You'll have to check out the WIP to decide!
      Hope you enjoy, and I hope it helps people see that there isn't always a loss of detail between BONES and Pewter.
      C&C Welcome.

    • By Darcstaar
      Since Callie is coming to a close, I have been preparing the Oxidation Beast.
      I have one in metal also, so I will paint both together.
      I had some 40mm hollow, round lipped bases that seem like a good fit.  I used some styrene model train cobblestone for one, and sculpted dressed stone tiles for the other.

      I plan for one to use the 5th Edition Monster Manual color scheme (Bones)

      And the metal one to follow the Pathfinder Bestiary 1 color scheme.  It has a red with black stipple color scheme.

    • By Dragoneye
      Playing with Secret Weapon Miniatures weathering pigments (finally...) Making a rusty wrought iron fence is really fun! I think I need to add a few more shadows to make the bits pop. I'm pretty happy with this, but C&C welcome and appreciated!

    • By TaleSpinner
      For my ReaperCon entry this year, I painted my Iron Cobra and a chest that I sculpted for one of the Bones KS's.  I'm not entirely happy with these pictures, as the blue seems to be diminished in them (the background and steel colors are actually light blue; maybe it is my monitor?).  I may adjust them later and re-post, but for now, they're pretty close (as close as I can get when photographing metallic paint).




      Oh, and I placed a Gold Medal with this in the Open Category. 

    • By LarsM
      This is my first go at using chipping medium, and in all an experiment with weathering. 
      Just wanted to share my experiment with everyone, do not really consider this as a tutorial as I did not know what I was doing. :o) 
      1. A piece of a blister pack plastic, prime black, and painted a mix of Black Brown and Dry Rust. 
      2. Wet blending with following colors in random pattern; Black Brown, Wet Mud, Explosion Orange. 
      3. Wash with mix of Flesh Wash and Dark Red. 
      4. Stipling and a bit of wet blending with Wet Mud and Explosion Orange. 
      5. Wash with mix of Flesh Wash and Wet Mud. 
      6. Adding Chipping medium to the top and water and salt to the bottom. 
      The idea with the salt is that it can be peeled of later to leave 'paint chips'. But I only seen it achived with an airbrush, so wanted to try it with brush. 
      7. Green paint, couple of layers. Way most of the salt fell off, leaving only the very small pieces, they do give a good structure of rust-bubling paint though. 
      8. Water to start the chipping. I ned a bit more patience, so the first chips went too deep and removed some of the brown paint too. And to get the chipping look good seems to need some practice.. 
      I used a tooth brush and a tooth pick to scratch the green paint off. 
      9. 'Repaired' some places with stipling of Wet Mud and Explosion Orange and a wash of Dry Rust. 
      10. Added streaks with Strong Tone and Dry Rust. And made the rust patches darker with Dry Rust.
      Those streaks really breathed life into the decay.
      Came out allright, but the streaks seems to be making a big difference.im

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