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Minion Miniatures Kickstarter has Launched!!


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I understand that they'll need to sell a large number of their plastic sprues to make up the mold costs and are obviously trying to design their kickstarter to do that, but I have to agree I'm not looking for armies to collect anymore.

I'm more interested in smaller skirmish level games or even just a few characterful and unique minis for RPG use.


From what I've gathered from facebook they're doing two pledge types.  One for use in army games (like WHF) and another for RPGs and their upcoming skirmish game.  I think they've only been showing off the larger pledges as that's the group they're probably hoping to attract more.

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So many great Kickstarters going on right now and happening soon. I'll be watching this one, but my wallet is already wailing in extreme pain after the last few months of great projects that have been going on. Really wish there were more US-based (because exchange rates). 

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Hi Guys,


My name is Richard from Minion Miniatures.  Thanks for all the kind worlds guys and I hope to give you a bit more ifnormation on what we are trying to do.


Firstly, let me say that the most important aspect of this Kickstarter for me is to appeal to lots of different gamers.  We originally designed the range to be used with roleplay games and for our skirmish game Underdeep.(which will be a free download when the KS begins).  


Monkeysloth is right when he says we have pledges for everyone.  The lowest plastic miniature pledge is the box set pledge.  This contains 24 plastic models that can be chosen from the zombie or goblin sprues available (the sprues hold six models).  Additional sprues can be purchased from the addon store as well.  There are also loads of freebies from the stretchgoals too that will be available to the Starter set pledge and above.  The Starter Set pledge is 72 figures that can be chosen from any of the plastic sprues available.  The starting target includes the Zombie sprue, the goblins with bows sprue and the goblins with hand weapons/spears sprue.


The first stretchgoal adds the command sprue as well.  This will be free to anyone who has purchased plastic sprues at Box set pledge level and above.  You get one command sprue for every four normal sprues purchased.


In regard to the waiting time, we chose Renedra for a reason.  That reason is that the Perry plastics are the best plastics on market along with another large company that will remain nameless...  I wanted these guys to work on the project from the start and I didnt even look into get the models produced anywhere else.  the reason behind this is that I have not handled a plastic model from another company with the quality they produce.


When I went ot see them I was amazed at what a professional company they are.  People may be unaware but there is not a CNC machine in sight at Renedra.  All the tools are hand machined by experts.  This means the detail and the quality is amazing as you would expect from professional craftsmen.  Not only is the quality amazing but the knowledge Terry has at Renedra is the best around.  his expertise has been invaluable.  I would like to let everyone know that we have been working directly with RENEDRA since this project began about 8 months ago.  We are using their expertise to make sure each, single sculpt will work in the plastic molding process to get the most detail possible.


All this expertise and quality comes at a cost in both money and time.  The time partr is easy to explain.  Their waiting list is fairly long, but the hand machined tools take a long time to manufacture.  This means that we will be delivering the sprues in approximately 12 months time.  We hope to have the sprues ready and boxed by next september.  The rest of the project, for those with only metal and resin figures, we are looking at raround half that time.  


We are planning a 2 weekly update for everyone throughout the year... so hopefully no communication problems.


The next important thing...POSTAGE.


I was really hoping to have free postage world wide for this KS but me and my accountant could not make it happen without the target being much higher.  So we came to a comprimise.  We have seriously discounted US and EUROZONE postage rates.  The prices for the horde pledge level (approx 200 figs) is £10 or $17.  We hope this is fairly reasonable and is a lot cheaper than the normal postage rates.  


Just a couple of extra things... the KS exclusive miniature comes with each pledge of Box Set and above.  The goblin Skulk is a lonesome ranger type character who stalks the caverns of the Underdeep, dispatching enemies for the Goblin King with his poisoned blade. I hope you like him:



The game that we are releasing with the Kickstarter is called UNDERDEEP.  The rules will be available for free download.  The logo is below:




Please visit our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/minionminiatures


PLEASE, PLEASE LIKE OUR PAGE,,,your comments are welcome!!!

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so ... lowest pledge is for 24 models and I can mix zombie and goblin sprues? Like, get 12 zombies and 12 goblins? And it does also get some free stretch goals (like command unit and that goblin exclusive)?

Postage is $17 maximum? Where do you ship from (i.e. do I have to pay import fees?). If this is shipped from Europe plus all of the above ... *looks at wallet ... breaks down and sobs*

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