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Hi all, so today is my official first day of a two week long vacation. Where my wife works she has to take every year two weeks straight and I'm more than happy to accompany her in those two weeks of non-work, AKA vacation.


My wife's sister and a friend have come to visit this year and we're going to spend five days in Estes Park but the rest of the time we'll be home, so I'm also going to try to get as much painting done as possible, mostly before everybody wakes up or when the ladies go shopping.


One of the things that happened was our spare room is being used, where I normally paint, so I've been sent to the dungeon otherwise known as the basement, unfinished and with only one electrical outlet.


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So I think I've got the base colors for the pelt and the hair/mane, and I'll work on the face and legs (base of volcano brown) after I get the rest figured out.


I thought too just for snots and goggles I'd throw out the old Monster Manual photo of the ki-rin.  Colorwise I'm trying to kind of stick with their description:


"The coat of the ki-rin is luminous gold, much as a sunrise on a clear day.  Its mane and tail are darker gold.  Its horn and hooves are golden pink.  Its eyes are violet."


Not exactly sure what golden pink looks like, but I'm sure I'll figure something out....


I'm letting all this base coat dry, going to go shopping for a tad, then will hopefully come back to work on this some more.



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And here's my sweet little mage.  Got most of her main clothing done, with that blush pink as a base, then cloud pink, deep amethyst, then regal purple and I think I did a little bit of dark elf shadow.  Then straight from the blush pink up to white with a few intermittent layers.  I'm still taking the photos with my iPhone, but I really hate typing on that itty bitty screen, so editing them on the desk top.


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Looking fantastic!

In the Basement Moonglum72 did a mighty pleasuredom Build !

Maketh thee a ManCave !


When I left work I was offered my computer desk for $10.00 !

I took it, and it now is my miniature painting desk.  Best exchange of cash I ever did.


I admire your use of Orange and yellow... my two most difficult colors to utilize.

Great Job !

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I love my original nerd cave, it's our guest bedroom, so this is only temporary.  The only really good thing about my nerd cave being transplanted into the basement is it's so quiet down there.  Plus the fact that virtually all my unpainted miniatures are down there.


Yeah, this orange has been challenging, mostly just trying to get it to cover decently.

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So just got back from five really nice days in Estes Park.  Drove ten hours or so home yesterday, got to bed last night at around 12.30 and lo and behold if I wasn't already awake again at 5.30 wanting to paint. I'm sure I'll pay for it later today but such is life, at least I've still got a few more vacation days left to enjoy.


So just started adding washes and such to the ki-rin, and trying to tie all the colors together.  We'll see how it goes.  As far as my little mage, any random thoughts out there for boot and bracer colors?



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      Some more ghouly chill down your spine, this is the stuff of nightmare. These are 77720, Ghouls and Ghast sculpted by Julie Guthrie and Bob Ridolfi.










    • By 72moonglum
      Hello all you Reaperloogans!
      So this one I finished a few nights ago is Valania the Sorceress.  I'm not sure who sculpted her, but I really did enjoy painting her.  She's one of the newer Partha figures, I think after they became Iron Wind, and she's got a tab base, not an integrated base.  She's also a bit larger, not the 25 mm of old. She's actually around the size of a Reaper figure.
      So for her skin I tried something a little different, I started out with Blushing Rose, because I wanted to have her be a little ruddy and pinkish. 
      Hopefully she turned out okay!

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      Good evening Reaperhoochagans!
      So I've already done a set of these, but was asked to do another one with another different color scheme, so here is round two of the Tom Meier Thunderbolt Mountain fairies:

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      This time I was asked to do some different and darker skin tones, so did some tones using Dusky Skin, Terran Khaki, Redstone, Dark Skin Highlights
      So anyhoos, hope you all enjoy!
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      The Eye Beast (77043) by Julie Guthrie is finished.
      In the end this almost counts as a speed paint, as it only took me around three evenings.
      The central eye really caused me headaches. First it was green, then I decided it needs more contrast. So yellow it was. I also tried out a layer of UV resin to get the glossy cabochon eye look and I think it worked well.
      What really helped speed up the process was establishing the base colours via airbrush. Everything else was just glazes with dark brown, turquois and orange.

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      Good evening Reapertons!
      So I've been busy working on a little project, plus I'm painting some Christmas elves for my mom, but amidst everything else I got inspired to repaint a figure that for some reason I've always liked quite a lot. She's a very simple figure, and I painted her first probably way back in 1980 something, probably between 1982-1986.  She was sculpted by Dennis Mize in a set of four other thieves in the Children of the Night range. I've actually painted three of the four, still haven't gotten around to painting the last one with a grappling hook.  Anyway, showing off new to old:

      and here is the original miniature, way back from the funky monkey eighties:

      and here she is when I painted her maybe in the early 2000's, I'm guessing between 2004-2006:

      and here they are all together:

      So the oddest thing about these is that I've really never succeeded in varying from the basic color scheme.  There's always a bit of a change, but I always envisioned her as a dusky skinned, desert-themed thief.   One of these days I have a feeling that I'll paint her again, and I'll try to do a hugely opposite color scheme, blonde hair and bright clothing.  Who knows when though, it seems it takes me over a decade to get to a new version of a figure!
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