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So I finally had some free time today once I finished all my podcast duties. Hopefully this thread will continue for a while as I have to paint the 4 player characters and anything that happens to come between us and our goal. A majority of the miniatures will be from the original bones kickstarter, but some will be from other companies.  


First up is Garruk the half orc ranger of the party. I hadn't decided to do a WIP until I had already started working on some of  the highlights. So he is a bit further along because of this. I'm happy overall with the skin tone. I think I may need to tone the leathered areas down and darken them up.




Next up is Jonas the Oracle. Colors are mostly blocked in. The sections of blue have been highlighted up from blue ink to sapphire blue. I like the way the blue is looking so far and will be brightened up a bit more. 




Let me know what you guys think so far. C&C always welcome.  If you want to check out the podcast you can find it Here.




I figured while I was posting I would put these pics up. These are from the Knights Models Arkham City line. Both need some finishing touches but they are definitely moving in the right direction (Which is off my paint table!).








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Sorry for the delay in an update but I caught whatever sinus cold thing that has been going around. Anyway I was able to lay down some more paint today before we started recording so I figured I would post these up.


First up is our Oracle. I wasn't digging the staff that the bones version had so I replaced and pinned in this staff. I think it is from Tobias Winterhorn. Overall I like how the colors are coming along. I'm not sure what to do with the lining of the cloth as it has lost some of the detail. Should I paint and highlight as if it weren't textured or try and pick out the subtly that is present?


post-11503-0-37742300-1411943688_thumb.jpg post-11503-0-13933600-1411943696_thumb.jpg 


The next two are the druid and sorcerer. The druid (left) I've tried to paint almost mostly in browns and greens but I can't get the browns to pop enough without washing out the darker layers. I'm using the "fire bird" as his produce flame that is flavored as different animals when the spell is cast. Should I paint the boots a lighter color to make the browns pop more?

The gnome sorcerer (right) I think is looking the best out of them all. While I have some work to do on the sleeves, face, hair and boots, I am very happy with how the greens and the yellow trim is looking.


post-11503-0-89535600-1411943702_thumb.jpg post-11503-0-02529300-1411943710_thumb.jpg 


Please let me know what you think. All C&C welcome. Hopefully I will be able to post more either later tonight or tomorrow. 

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For the druid I would lighten some of your browns so that they are not all of the same hue... which they appear to be in the picture.  The boots could use some highlights to help them stand out as well.  I am not sure what you are doing with the sword but in the picture it actually looks like a brown color.. maybe give it some grey and a black wash instead.

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Small update tonight. I worked more on the druid's leathers. I re based the leathers in walnut brown and built up a red tone with a mahogany brown/ clotted red mix. I'm digging how it's coming along, but wanted to see what everyone else thought. 




As always C&C welcome. 

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Small update today.



Bugbear is coming along. The leathery bits were based in oiled leather. The skin was based in faded khaki. Both were washed down with a walnut brown/ruddy leather mix. I think I may switch how I have the fur painted. I tested a red/brown on the handle of the mace to see what it would look like and digging the result. If I do make his fur/mane the red/ brown and will make the other furry areas a dark brown, maybe blacked brown to intense brown. The silvery bits were based in rainy grey and washed with black in. I plan on going in and picking up the edges with a grey/white mix. I'm a bit unsure what to do with the shoulder scale mail. I thought he was looking a bit drab so I wanted to throw a brighter color in there and make it resemble dragon scale, but I think I over did it a bit. Let me know what you think and if there is anything I should definitely change around. All C&C welcome. 


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So since the figures are coming along I decided to start putting together a display diorama. I started with building this bridge. For the diorama I will have a set of stone stairs lead to the bridge that connects to a stone landing. I'm working on the stairs now hopefully it will come together soon!





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So "rocks" turned out ok and everything is in various stages of painting, but I'm not sure how I want to configure the 3 pieces together. Here are the other two "rocks".






This is how I originally planned to set it up.




This is the "over the chasm" set up.




This one is what I'm leaning to. More like option 1 but with the "stairs" twisted closer to center. 




Let me know what you think about these set ups. If you have any other ideas please let me know. 

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Small update today. Zoned in and got a lot accomplished. Still touch ups that need to be done and I need to get her based but shes tabletop ready.









I have some more minis to paint up but I need some help selecting some minis. We are dealing with an organization that is comprised of rangers and druids and I am having a difficult time picking a varied selection of races to fill their ranks does anyone have suggestions?



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