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Looking for a piece of the past

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I'm trying to find a book from the eighties, a hardcover overview of DnD and other RPGs. It kind of cover fantasy novels. It had a section on painting miniatures. I think the cover was mainly red with a dragon (of course) on the cover. It's been a long while since I've visited these forums, but I thought I saw it on someone's bookshelf. Have I been vague enough for everyone, or is this too easy? ::D:

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Dicing with Dragons? I had a copy from the Sci-Fi Book Club in the 80's. Talked about various games, minis and even Larping (before Larp was a term).



The 1983 edition of Dicing with Dragons looks familiar. I got mine from the Book Club, too. But all that stuff is long gone now.


Did the book club version look like that '83 edition?

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