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The Frog Queen by Jasonator

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This has been one of the Great Fun Projects to paint.

Since I took a break from Painting the Arthurian pieces by Tom Meier, I discovered that

he had sculpted these larger 28mm pieces.    The Frog Queen is a lot of challenge, and you can

really push yourself as far as you (and your funny bone) can stand.

I hope you appreciate my efforts on this Miniature.

C/C is always welcome !


Here is my interpretation of the Queen of the Froggies !










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Love your frog queen jay! I also enjoyed reading how much fun you were having while painting her. She looks fantastic!

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You were so fast I barely saw the title of the WIP before you were done!  She's a nice addition to your growing froggy court!  ^_^

I am NOT trying to be fast on these at all.

I would rather be slow.

My enjoyment of painting them combined with the fact that I am retired; allows me the time to indulge in my fantasy

painting.  I can just mix colors at will, and apply them without time constraints.  I find painting miniatures very cathartic, and

healing.  I just hope that folks tell me what they like, and give me feedback.  The feedback is rather sparce. 

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As far as feedback goes Jay, it kind of goes hand-in-hand with your speed. A lot of people are at work while you are working on your figures and asking for the feedback and before they can log in to give it to you, you've already moved on (sometimes you've already finished). I try to give you feedback and critiques and I'm on a LOT, but you move faster than ME sometimes lol. 


Maybe try working on more than 1 figure at a time and switch back and forth, even use the same color palette and ask for feedback in your thread(s) which will give people more time to log on and look at the work. You have a lot of friends on here who'll be happy to provide you with input if you give them a little time to do so. 

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I don't give much feedback, because frankly I don't know enough to do so. Your blending, especially on the face on this one and the bishop, is better than I have achieved so far, and you pick good colours, and work the shadows and highlights well, so I have nothing to offer that is any help.

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As far as feedback on this particular figure goes - and I'll get a little nit-picky here - is a bit more brush control on the smaller areas. What I mean by this is the cloak folds and the red quilt areas on the shirt. So a bit back to basics with them, the red is more obvious were you don't see too many shadows between the quilts and the red seeped into the crevices, so you'd have to go over those little areas with a darker wash to regain those shadows, then instead of slathering paint over them, you'd have to take time to individually apply the paint on top again and being careful not to get into the crevices. 


It's minor details that that which will bring you up to another level as a painter. The devil is in the details as the saying goes and that's where I'm at as well, I try hard to get the tiny details done as they stick out like a sore thumb if they are sub-par to the rest of the paint job. 


Hope that helps, and please take no offense to anything I said, I'm just trying to give you constructive criticism  ^_^

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Thank You Ub3r; and those that provided input.

First an Apology.  I'm sorry that I implied that you weren't giving feedback.

You folks always provide the best input.  I think I failed to realize that I have a fantastic gift;

of being free to paint and respond to others without the impediment of a job now. (I'm still learning

what that means). 

Ub3r,Shadowraven, dontfear, Kharsin, and Littlebluberry provide me with so much valuable input when they comment;

I cannot and will not complain about that.  I forgot that when I get into a job, I go full bore.  Sorry my friends, as Archie said to Edith..

JAY, Stiffle yourself  !!!  Chuckle.


I think I know a way around that problem.  I will attempt to show what I do when I get into a tight bind with blending for shadowraven.

(I really do use three wet brushes..like on the collar of the froggy bishop) with that purple pink gold blending.


I shall attempt to show some of my techniques (that work for me) in greater detail.  That will slow me down, and also

give a tutorial to those that are interested.  Anyone else can ignore this color slinger !

Think that will work.  And glad that you folks like the froggy queen, she cracks me up..Ruby lips and all.

Thanks again.

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A bit late to this party, I am, but I wanted to say I like this one a bunch! My nit to pick is that I'd like to see the fabrics match each other in quality a bit more...right now it looks like a silky, satin-like skirt and a quilted, rougher fabric like cotton or wool on the blouse...I'd like to see both garments shimmer a bit. Which is a long way of saying, I think you could pop the highlights and drop the shadows a bit more in the blouse.


I do love the colors. The orangey red is awesome. And, much like the bishop, the green is marvelous.

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Hmmmm... have you given any thought to a froggy diorama? With your characters, you look like you'll have a great set to do a grand hallway or even a royal courtroom or something to that effect. That'll definitely grow your skill set! I don't feel like my figure painting has progressed to the level where I can give too much critique on how to paint figures better as I'm still trying to determine my style. Once I get there though, I probably won't shut up about it. Lol! Keep up the great work!

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