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How to make your own spider webs (based on theDMsCraft)

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I watch yesterday a nice idea in theDMsCraft videos.


I was thinking how to do it without having a paper board in the backside.


And here is what I got:




It is my first try, but I think it could be really good looking with little practice.


If you want to do it you need:

1. watch the video below

2. use paper you can eat. It is not really paper. 'Rice paper', 'edible paper' or 'edible waver paper'?

3. do it similiar to the video on the , let some space between the spiral lines

4. put it in warm, not hot water, you can remove it very fast.

5. Do the same lines on the backside [didn't have done it yet]

6. eventuall paint it.


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This is the third version of the web.


This time I did not the spiral first, or better no spiral at all.


1. a star with 4 lines

2. between the lines of the 'star' I have 8 cone-like columns

3. I connected in a column the first lines one after another and proceeded in the next column. From short to long lines.



While removing with water the paper, I broke some lines, but this is still a test.



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I like the pictures, but also know enough friends having arachnophobia. I think it would be good to put the pictures in spoilers.

I was just thinking what if I would have arachnophobia and couldn't enter my own thread anymore. :-)


Today I will proceed with some hills I started this week. For the giant spider web I will proceed later to get better results.



Here is another method I have almost forgotten, it is a method for smaller webs. :-)

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