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CAVSO True Scale


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Please, please, I beg you, true scale for aircraft. 1. They are cool designs 2. You will save time later explaining the scale 3. They are cool designs, and offer an additional visual trademark for CAV in the marketplace.


Also, aircraft are dangerous and work in very small squads. There's no reason to shrink them!

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Chiming in to agree:  True scale aircraft!  


My misgivings regarding air units in a ground-scaled game aside, I'd rather look at units that belong together.  


A model is on the table to represent a symbolic effect - now this is arguably true for all units in the game since all the weapons have what in the real world would be freakishly short range, but at least the symbols are all visually harmonious.  I'm an aesthete in this regard, and so if the model-symbols aren't all in the same scale language, then I probably wouldn't shell out cash for the nonconforming pieces.  If they aren't going to fit visually, why not just use a spare hex base and a scrap of paper?  

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The CHieftain will be larger. Anything going to bones will be scaled correctly (with the exception of aircraft and Im not sure on that one yet).


I thought/hoped that this was already decided to go with correctly scaled aircraft, especially after the KS states:


What scale are the CAV models?

1/180 or 10mm or roughly "N" scale.

See Update 6 for a comparison picture.


People are going to be very disappointed after they receive their KS pledges and find out that the fighters aren't in scale to the other models...

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Here is my dilemma. The Tsuiseki is basically a future version of the A-10. The current A-10 in "real life" is 53' long. Lets say by the future we have managed to downsize a bit, and the Tsuiseki is 45' long. That would make the model 3" long in CAV:SO. So I would end up with a model that for the most part will be a tier 4 model (in order of what gets played most) that is the biggest model on the board. Im not sure Im ok with that. I am listening to what you say but I have to think on this. I will say that Im not going "tiny" with them. I just think there is a way to make it work better.

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Sounds like the headache comes from the mechs being reasonably-sized in comparison to anything else, and that planes in general are (by necessity) big.  Not a position I envy, as you're stuck between the gamers' tendency to make the 'bigger models are more powerful' association, and as Sarge said, going to all the trouble to put all the game in scale with one another and then not put part of the game in scale with one another.


I've never been able to hold a true scale in my hand, so can't say what it looks like...but the current game scale is too small.  They're nice little figures, I own a bunch and they look good in comparison to each other and the bases...but the details being effectively scratches and the models (Harpy) being roughly the same size as one of Tiamat's missile pods makes the game scale ones look kind of silly in the other direction.


It's a tough choice...stay accurate and drive home that CAVs are more feasible in the laws of physics than their industry counterparts, or scale them down and be needled about not being in scale.  Part of me wonders if the Tsuiseki is a bad choice for comparisons, as it's got one of if not the biggest wingspans of the bunch.  It's about as wide as the others are long, with maybe the execption of the Kikyu, which also has an enormous wingspan.


How do the Fenri or the Ghast 'feel' sitting next to a Dictator and a Despot?  The idea of a plane being a little bit longer than a big CAV is tall, when a big tank is a little bit shorter than a big CAV is tall, makes for a nice mental image.

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