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CAVSO True Scale


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Historically, the Dragonfly was true scale (or closer to it than other aircraft at least). It's basically a single-seat glider with a gun and some engines strapped on.

Well, that would explain why it was so small . . . I haven't gotten that far in the books yet.  ::D:

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Anything bigger than that and the aircraft may as well be their own game, IMHO.

And you have a problem with another game in the CAV universe? I don't.  ::D: 



I'm with Doug on the scale - I do not like the half scale idea, and I'll probably avoid aircraft models if you go that route. I absolutely hate mixed scale games. I would much prefer models that are scaled the same, even if it means the models have to be down sized in the fluff to make it work.


I also have to say that I'm pretty disappointed that this is still being bandied about AFTER the kickstarter has closed. But if you're still going to go this route, I suggest that you poll the 1500 backers and see what they have to say, rather than just the few dozen of us here. 

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This is the same conversation that was being discussed during the ks with the same concerns. I think I was very open with the fact that Im not doing aircraft that are larger then the cavs. Whether that happens as a "fluff" or scale correction is still being determined.

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The game is already bending a lot of reality to make the battle fit on an 4x8 foot table. A battle with modern vehicles should be at least 1x2 miles which is roughly a basketball court in 10mm scale. I think the current figures are much more fun then a 1 mm (one, not a typo) scale battle that would be realistic on a manageable size table.


Some fancy large display pieces would be cool, but then get them made from resin or metal since they won't be used in large numbers for gaming.

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Just because I wanted the awareness of what real life planes would be in each scale, here's what I calculated from Jane's this morning:


First column scale is 1:180, second is 1:350. This is what size they'd be on the table, length x wingspan, in inches. Sorry ROW, I'm late as it is for work and don't have time to calculate (multiply by 2.5 to get cm, for those not knowledgeable of ancient measurements).


Harrier (Fighter)                      3.1 x  1.7         1.6 x 0.9
Rafale (Fighter)                     3.3 x  2.4         1.7 x 1.2
Mirage (Fighter)                     3.1 x  2.0         1.6 x 1.0
F-16 (Fighter)                        3.3 x  2.1         1.7 x 1.1
F-14 Tomcat (Fighter)          4.2 x  2.5         2.1 x 1.3
A-6 Intruder (Fighter)            3.7 x  3.5         1.9 x 1.8
F-22 Raptor (Fighter)           4.1 x  2.9         2.1 x 1.5
F/A-18C Hornet (Fighter)      3.7 x  2.5         1.9 x 1.3
MIG-29 Fulcrum (Fighter)      3.3 x  2.5         1.7 x 1.3


A-10 Warthog (Attack)           3.6 x  3.8         1.8 x 2.0
F-117 Nighthawk (Attack)      4.4 x  2.9         2.3 x 1.5


AH-1 Huey Cobra (Heli)         3.0 x  3.2         1.6 x 1.6

CH-47 Chinook (Heli)            7.4 x  4.0         3.8 x 2.1
AH-64 Apache (Heli         )     3.4 x  3.2         1.7 x 1.6


E-2C Hawkeye (Recon)          3.8 x  5.4         2.0 x 2.8
P-3 Orion (Recon)                 7.8 x  6.6         4.0 x 3.4
SR-71 (Recon)                      6.9 x  3.7         3.6 x 1.9
U-2 Dragonlady (Recon)        4.2 x  6.9         2.2 x 3.5

B-52 (Bomber)                    10.7 x 12.3         5.5 x 6.3
B-2 Spirit (Bomber)               4.6 x 11.5         2.4 x 5.9
B-1B Lancer (Bomber)          9.8 x  9.1         5 x 4.7.0
Tu-95 Bear (Bomber)          10.8 x 11.2         5.6 x 5.7


An-225 Mriya (Cargo)          18.4 x 19.3         9.4 x 9.9
An-124 Condor (Cargo)       15.1 x 16.0         7.8 x 8.2
KC-135 (Cargo)                     9.1 x  8.7         4.7 x 4.5
C-5B Galaxy (Cargo)          16.5 x 14.8         8.5 x 7.6
C-130 Hercules (Cargo)        6.5 x  8.8         3.4 x 4.5
C-17 Globemaster (Cargo)  11.6 x 11.0         6.0 x 5.7


Airbus A340 (Civil)               13.0 x 13.2         6.7 x 6.8
Concord (Civil)                     13.6 x  5.6         7.0 x 2.9
Boeing 747-400 (Civil)          15.5 x 14.1         7.9 x 7.2
Boeing 777 (Civil)                 13.9 x 13.3         7.2 x 6.9


Now, looking at that? My opinion has wavered for a minute or two. A 2" x 1" aircraft seems small. But then I look at the 1:180 option, and a 4" x 3" seems too big. So if CAV sticks to fighter and attack aircraft, I'd be good with either size.


But then looking at the recon, helicopters, and bombers? 1:180 is just too big. A 1 foot by 1 foot bomber is just enormous for the table.


The cargo and civilian aircraft? Oh, I did that just for grins. In either scale, I think those become terrain rather than figures.

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