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CAVSO True Scale

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Alright so if I may, I'd like to cast my lot in with the all truescale camp, I really don't mind having big planes.


In addition I think 1" (15') is entirely too close for Nape of the Earth, then again the Tsui is a VTOL no? You'd have to have to be pretty crazy to do that with an A-10 as I'm fairly surely gravity would pull pretty hard. IMO 2" (30') would be much more believable and 4" (60') for close approach runs would make sense. The issue with flight stands can easily be resolved.

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I am going to make the planes match the CAV scale (1/180th). Carry on with your regular programming.

Paris?   There's one in PARIS???   When the hell did that happen?

http://www.mil-net.net/hercules.cfm  - Carries 8 CAVs. No 3D printer needed.      

I seem to remember expressing a view on aircraft sizing in another thread here (can't find it at the moment though) To re-iterate I proposed the new line do pretty much what the current metal line does in having two sizes,  True Scale for those who want them and a smaller scale for those that want 'two-packs' of aircraft and don't mind about the look.

Let's face it, even though CAV is a combined arms game, most of us will be larging it round the battlefield in...  what is the term used by Eric C Smith so eloquently?  Ah Yes; "BIG STOMPY ROBOTS", rather than flying machines.


My preference?  - True Scale - but that said, I do like the smaller scale stuff (though I think the current metal line is just a bit too small), as its small enough to fit with other manufacturers lines (like BT) but there are obvious economic issues involved in supporting two lines which would have to be considered.

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I appreciate the sentiment, but it's not about me.

I was always bewildered by the "blister scale" decision, and hoped to avert it being used as a reference point.


I was happy when the TrueScale models were going too be used, since Bones material made the original-sized models affordable and possible.


When the cram-down 37mm Despot started being toted as being a canon size around which everything would be based, alarm bells went off.


It's like seeing the Las Vegas Eiffel tower being used as a historical reference point when you know the real thing is over in Paris.


Cavboss and Reaper peeps, Pardon my uncouth intervention. The offer for files still stands.




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What was true scale in cav 2 is not necessarily what is true scale in the new game. Its easier to scale 20 models to 80 that already exist then the other way around.


I have set the despot hull at 37mm. Its not a matter of not having a file or inaccurate information, its what fit at the time. With that being said after reading the posts here, I may move it up a bit but its not going to be 47mm.

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Your argument is misleading. The CAVs have always been true scale (minus a few long out-of-production versions). Aircraft are being rescaled anyway so don't count. Infantry are in scale. Of the 26 vehicles currently produced, only 13 were ever made out of scale, and at least three of them (Ashigaru, Chieftain, Hornet) have been re-released in true scale. That's 16 in true scale and 10 that are too small. So it should be easier and more sensible to scale the 10 undersized models to the rest of the line, than to scale the 16 true scale models back out of scale to match the 10 undersized vehicles.


As someone who loves these models, please reconsider. The vehicles being out of scale was a constant headache for CAV 2; take the opportunity to fix it, rather than making it worse.

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