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Mid-September painting.

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I know I was trying for once a month, but I just finished taking, croping, and compressing these and it seems silly not to post them. 

89007: Valeros, Iconic Fighter

I played this guy in a PFS  game - as 4th level.  Sure it says he is a fighter, but lets be honest, the figure will almost always get used as a ranger.  I was experimenting with NNM on his sword, compare and contrast the ratmen weapons in the next picture. 

post-12081-0-09514800-1411001570_thumb.jpg post-12081-0-58223500-1411001562_thumb.jpg



77168: Battleguard Golem

A little rusty but still ready for battle with his obviously magic blade.

no NMM here he is brown liner, gunmetal gray, fireball orange (with sponge) and black ink.  (not including sword or gem colors) 


post-12081-0-44277700-1411001574_thumb.jpg post-12081-0-60102500-1411001578_thumb.jpg


77174: Leisynn, Mercenary Mage

I really don't have that many uses for a guy with a snake on his staff- esp one that one stay straight. 

His robe was more for fun than practice.  I just didn't have the patience for the amount of color bleding and glazing it would have taken to do it right.  That's not supposed to be just lighting, his robe changes color as it goes down/out. 

post-12081-0-07631700-1411001583_thumb.jpg post-12081-0-62735800-1411001585_thumb.jpg

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Nice, varied assortment with a diverse use of color! I like the particular attention you paid to many of the figures' features!

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    • By nervisfr
      hey guys,
      here is a little conversion about the mercenary mage ; Leysynn.
      The original magic staff has been removed for a simple one (more natural for my mage), made from needle and some wire mixed with glue. 
      The figurine was unbased and cut a little bit to be more mixable with my 28mm collection. So he lose his feet and the end of his long dress.

      hope you like him
    • By Kev!
      En guard!

    • By jaryth000
      My group decided to start up a new 5e campaign. We just hit Level 2 and I realized we where still playing with (my) unpainted miniatures, so I offered to paint them for everyone.
      They're a little below what I would normally put in, but I did all 5 in a single sitting, and they are fine for tabletop play quality, so I'm happy.
      My largest complaint I guess, is that I apparently ran out of my trusty Testors Dullcote, so with just the Liquitex Matte Varnish I had put on, they still have much too much sheen for my tastes. But I can fix that once I have a chance to pick up more dullcote.
      Given the above information in hand, I would love feedback on these none the less. No attempts at shading or layering where attempted on these, just basecoats, wash and a bit of drybrushing.





    • By MojoBob
      Reaper calls this guy  77174: Leisynn, Mercenary Mage ($2.49) by Tim Prow.
      There are some, however, who call him..... TIM!

    • By viking_hank
      painted this mini with the object of really concentrating on the face. normally they get some paint a shade and I am done. went into a little more detail on this one. c and c welcomed. you may have to enlarge the pics to see the teeth and pupils. the last pic in the series came from my phone, I may scrap my camera and just use the phone from now on.

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