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I like the base, really adds to the overall look to the mini. You gonna paint up the Eidolon as well?




Yeah, I "cheated" and printed it out and then put it on a wooden 1-inch square that I use for most of my bases. 


The Eidolon I will paint up when I get the figures needed. It's a mix of a snake (head/body), Lion (legs), and Eagle (feathery wings). So I'll have to mash-up 3 figures to do it the way I have the creature envisioned. 

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Hmmm I see you buying a Coutal, a feline mini & a eagle familiar in your future ^_^


Also about the only thing I think would add to the figure would be some sorta runes/freehand on the edges of the cloak or dress. Maybe in gold?

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Dig that cloak, and the skin is real nice!


I might suggest a little GS work around the edge of the base to hide the edge of the paper and hold it in place in case it curls as it ages.


The skin really looks good. It's just red enough, and I like it. I like the way her palette ties together, too, with the red, blue and purple.

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Haldir is right, I think you're definitely ready to tackle some freehand soon.  (If not on this mini, then perhaps on another.). It's one of the features I like about the Dark Sword style of sculpts, they can be simple and beautiful or you can embellish the fabric with as much painted detail as you want. 


I like the composition of her standing on the side of the star, is it stable for gaming?  I'm super-conservative and always have my characters stand right in the middle because I hate having PCs fall over by accident!  ^_^

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Fantastic Ub3r!

The base is a perfect foil to the character,and the color balance is magnificent.

Really like how the eye is drawn all around the figure.

The unity of the piece makes you want to roam all over it, and examine

every detail !  That type of balance is soooooooooooooooooo hard to get

and you did a smashing job of it !  Another one to place in the memory banks

to come back and visit for inspiration !

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She came out great, Ub3r. I agree that the cloak is such a large area it begs for some freehand. However, her cloak is a lot more wrinkled than the typical mini cloak, so a line of stuff along the lower outer hem will be tough to pull off with all the peaks and valleys. Given what I've seen of your recent work, I am confident that you can pull it off. Nice trick on the summoning circle. It has just the right color and scale.

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