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I have three odd creatures that need paint.




Clockwise from left:


The Darksword Frog Prince sculpted by Dave Summers, which will be a gift for my mother (as was the Frog Jester last year, and the (Not So) Killer Frog in 2006...you'll note a theme in my gift-giving)


The Ral Partha Couatl (11-402) sculpted by Dennis Mize, which will be necessary in my Eberron campaign.


And...a...worm...thing...The base was stamped "Marauder," along with some rather unidentifiable squiggles that are now completely gone, since I clipped away the integral base. I did some cursory research to no avail. I'm probably going to paint this up as everyone's favorite "I've never heard of it" burrowing monster, the thoqqua. But if anyone can tell me what it was supposed to be, I'd be interested to know.


The worm is pretty well ready for paint. Clipped off the integral base, used a Happy Seppuku stamp to make some floor and squished him down into the putty. Ready to go.


The Frog Prince:

I plan on building a little scene eventually for the frog folk I paint for my mom, and the Prince will be on a finished floor. This will be built with Hirst. But he also needs to be magnetic, so I shaved down a Hirst tile to sit on top of a GF9 mag base without towering over other bricks.





Of course, that integral base doesn't look quite right on that tile, so he went into the bench vice:




A few minutes with the jeweler's saw and I had this:




Unfortunately, I also had this:




That mangled foot will need some GS, and the forefoot will get a pin to hold it in place. I'm not Dave Summers, but I think I'm up to this task.


Now, the Couatl:

Dropped him on another magnetic base and gave him some scenery:





That's this stuff, all built up and pulled into waves.




The integral base had something that might have been leaf litter and might have been fire, so I decided to go with something fire-like. Probably will be painted like a rainbow wind.


Next, I gave the wings a bit of a bend and glued them in place:




That's all for now. Let me know what y'all think, and if anyone knows what the worm thing is I'd love to know!

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For those who like the paste...this and pumice paste/stucco are my basing secret weapons. They do soo many things. Add milliput to the mix and there's nothing you can't do!


Jasonator, you inspired me to get cracking on the Prince; I can't wait to start putting down paint on him!


Siri, Littleblueberry: this is actually one of my favorite Mize sculpts. I was very excited to get my hands on one, and it should be fun to paint.


Brother Jim, a quick bit of Googling confirms it is indeed a millisaur from Necromunda. You get a (virtual) cookie!


Thanks, all, for your comments.

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Got a bit of work in today on the Couatl and the Frog Prince.


The Couatl just has a basecoat on the scales. The main body is RMS Brilliant Green; this is the first time I've used it, and it may be my new favorite green paint. The Belly scales are Tanned Leather.




The frog Prince has most of the basecoats blocked in. The red is Big Top Red, the limited edition red from RCon 2013. The Yellow is RMS HD Golden Yellow. The black is my usual "lively" black, a 50/50 mix of P3 Coal Black and RMS Walnut Brown.





The sleeves I think will be re-done. I want the black to be much thinner, and getting the red bright enough is going to require a lighter undercoat.


And here's a close-up of the base. The marble isn't quite done, but I'm happy with the start, especially since it's only about a half-hour of work.




Let me know what y'all think!

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I am loving that green on the couati. The under belly in comparison looks more a yellow than tanned leather though but it does look good next to the green.


The frog prince is interesting.   The red looks good but I would not do his sleeve ruffles in it as that would be too much (back picture)  The sleeve and pantaloon work well with the red stripes and I think you just need to freshen/deepen the red on the sleeve. The size of the black stripe looks good to me so I wouldn't make it any thinner.


what about the shoes... a nice royal purple maybe??   :devil:

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Feels good to sit at the paint table again! Been very busy. Did some work on the Milliasaur today, decided to call it done.


Here's a WiP shot, and it's in Show Off, too.


I wanted to use the milliasaur as a Thoqqua, so it needed to look hot. Started with a basecoat of bright orange over the whole thing, then a glaze of red as the plates "cool" down. That's where this was taken:




I then built up a bit more red, darkened the base with some very rudimentary OSL and finally made the coolest parts of the beast brown. 


Clear Yellow, Saffron Sunset, Fresh Blood, and Powderburn Brown are the main colors. The finished piece also has some Pure White and Walnut Brown thrown in for good measure; you can see it here.

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