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I Got an Art Feature for Awesomecon Indianapolis!


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it's not selling, so I think it's not only allowable, but around here, encourage-able. We like to see our friends triumphant.


Okay! That's a relief. I didn't see anything directly referring to it, so I was like "I'll give it a shot!" 


And you guys are all totally awesome. :D

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It kinda baffles me how this place is often seen as an exception rather than the norm, but the mod staff work to keep the peace, and the regulars make a point of setting a good example, and we flourish in a generally very happy and friendly, atmosphere. I for one am glad when new people come in and appreciate this place and enjoy their time here. It wasn't so long ago when I was the newcomer and was made welcome and am glad to repay that by following suit. I hope you also enjoy your time here as I did, and do so that when the time comes you too are counted as the examples of how a good, vibrant, and welcoming community should be.


also, I like your art, so I wanna keep you around.

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