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28mm Dictator and Despot!

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Alright, so here they are. The Dictator is unfinished because many moons ago, I was layering green on it in many transparent layers for a deep and lovely finish. Then one night my then-very-small daughter Evie got into my paints and resurfaced a lot of the mini. It got packed away shortly thereafter and I never got back to it.


The Despot is painted to work with my 28mm humans-in-power-armour army, that being the UNE from Legions of Steel, using Defiance: Vital Ground to mediate conflicts between them and a mate's Space Marines (which he has heavily modified to take advantage of the huge range of options available in the DVG troop and weapon builders)





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The Bigtator, as it is affectionately known by the handful of people who know it exists, and the Despot, are both 28mm resin kits put out by their designer, Mr John Bear Ross. He upsized the original 3D models using MAGIC that lives inside computers and his head, jointly, had them 3-D printed, and then contracted out the casting. The kits had cast pewter parts that twist-lock together to enable articulation at most of the joints, although this was tricky to actually make work exactly right.


ETA: the Dictator's shoulders (with the rocket pods) swivel against the torso: the torso swivels at the waist, the cannons swivel. The hip joints were swivels too, but I had to putty them up to make it stand well, along with cutting and filling a lot to give it a walking pose. The Despot turret is jointed to turn freely and the missile pod is hinged so that it can "pop up" or go back into a protected resting position within its cradle (but it doesn't stay raised without propping, poster tack on the far side in this case).


I am hopelessly sentimental about both these models, I really love both of them. They took some effort to assemble, trim, and clean-up, and I probably should have spent even more time on the Despot, but it was entirely worth it, as I hope you'll agree.


The Scorpion hexapedal ? quadrupedal? mech was also given the 28mm treatment, but I didn't hear about it in time, the casting had major issues, and it was never again offered for sale :(

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You should put up some pics with LoS figs (especially Infranites or UNE) next to the Despot & 'Tator.

Some infantry with a BAP and a Jetbike!!!11!!!




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