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Mega-Mini Carcasses WIP


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So I bought some of the animal carcasses from Mega MIniatures. THought they'd be fun and different to paint and could potentially be used in a diorama or game some day

They're 28mm, so rather on the large side, though for the smaller animals it's hardly noticeable. However, the buck, doe, and moose are HUGE...so uh...Dire Moose I guess?

I used 77094: Trista the White Wolf [WIP] as a size scale in there with them.

The cat, boar, fox, coyote, and vultures seem fairly properly sized. The rooster and rabbit are a bit big, but the moose, doe, and buck are just gigantic! Oh well, they're turning out fun to paint

The moose had some rather sad nubby antlers, so with green stuff and wire I gave him antler extensions


The last picture is P60048B: Fox  from Reaper, and I put it next to the dead fox from Mega MInis. They're actually fairly close in size. The sheer size of the large deer compared to the more normal sized critters is boggling haha





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The deer and moose actually look right to me. They aren't small creatures. 


They look good. The antler extensions look great.


True, the moose is probably closer to being accurate, but the deer are nearly the size of the moose. I think they could be a tad smaller =P the half-eaten doe is quite fun to paint, haven't done blood before

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Ahahahahaha i like this, I"m gonna do it. It's 77039: Janan, Female Dragon Slayer, I cut her off her dragon head

That is an awesome idea!! I'm totally stealing it from you!


Although, I don't have the dead animals, so I'll be doing something at least slightly original.

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Update on the little guys. THey're not done, but figured I'd show progress

I'm making the pig into a boar. The fox is going to be a gray fox. 

And I think the kitty cat, who I'm gonna paint white after my little boy, is not necessarily dead. He could easily be put on the floor or bookcase of a diorama or a mini's base as a sprawled out, sleeping kitty


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