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Freebooter pirate boat


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This boat is at LOT smaller than the one in the mummy returns, it is just large enough for one person.


Assembled the boat itself and added some rigging and a rope for the anchor. Ready for primer. The sailor I will paint separately.

Not sure about how the make the sail. I'm thinking paper unless I get a better idea.




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Linen tends to look too coarse on minis scale.


Taffeta can be fun, especially if you find one with a fine stripe or changeable taffeta (warp is one color, weft another, so that it shimmers and changes color depending on the angle).

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Put a base-coat on the boat.


Started on the helmsman / pilot (how do you call him if the boat is flying? :rock: )


This one is really fighting me, I have done his eye several times, but I can't seem the get it right. The other eye has an eye patch.


You would call him Captain!  Also Helmsman works regardless of the craft as he is manning the helm.

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