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CAV license question

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So I was thinking about writing a CAV force creation tool, and it has me wondering, is there are 3rd party license for CAV?


Are there guidelines I need to follow/IP elements I need to avoid including in a web app etc?


I'd hate to put work into writing a tool like this only to get C&D in my inbox that turned it into wasted time and effort. I know Reaper is cool, but I also know they have IP and have to defend said IP in specific circumstances to maintain it. So what kind of permissions/restrictions are currently in existence for CAV?

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Our general rule of thumb is intent. If you are doing this as a fan project with no intention to sell then I think you will be fine. If you want a more definitive answer, please email me with your proposal and I will look over it. cavboss at reapermini period com

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