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Painting WWI AEF US Marines

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I know that there isn't a lot of interest here for historicals, but I figured I would post them since I just finished off 30 of them.


With the incentive of a game I have been working hard on my US Marines. Most of the miniatures are from Brigade Games and the rest of them are from Great War Miniatures. The US Army Uniform and the US Marine P1912/1917 uniforms are close enough that you can't tell the difference on the table top except for color. The Marines in their "Forest Green" stand out in stark contrast from the Army. Marine "Forest Green" closely resembles German Feldgrau and I have a new recipe that comes a lot closer than my old one.


Here is a look at a platoon in full Marine uniform




Here is a link to my blog for the how I painted these up


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Originally we were planning to use the Warhammer Historical Great War rules. My 15 man platoons were designed around this rule set. However, I think we are going to end up going with "Through the Mud and Blood" by Two Fat Lardies. I'm tending towards rulesets that have a more historical flavor to them which the Two Fat Lardies rulesets tend to do. There is to much 40K at work in the Great War rules. There are a couple of other sets I want to take a look at but the names escape me at the moment.

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