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Reaper Artist Conference and Open House: October 25-26, 2014


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Unless the hotel shoos you out of the lobby. XD


...or turns off the lights in the ballroom at 10pm  :;): Seriously, I'll never forget, "Um, that won't work! We brought our own lamps!!" Good times... good times. 

 Oh yeah, you where right next to me at Corporea Corner when that happened, weren't you? It was awesome, especially since Bryan was right there too, and he was supposedly the responsible one..... Next year will be AWESOME!!


Nobody has called me the responsible one in a long time...



Unless they were passing blame ;)


well yeah. I'm not going to take blame for that. I didn't even have my own light, so it couldn't have been me.... come to think of it, It was Corporea's light. Let's blame her :devil:

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Have brushes, milliput, greenstuff, glasglasses, and light. Plan on picking up minis there. Anything else recommended? With all the other minis I've had to paint and all my traveling, I didn't get to paint for the contest. I guess I will just have to stand back and admire for this round :)


Flight arrives around 1 tomorrow. I will have to stop at reaper then...

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