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Talk Like a Pirate Day


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I built this up at school yesterday.


I told my middle school that they could earn positives (they earn a reward at 30 of them) if they drew a pirate picture that had to do with either science or our school mascot (a bear cub).


I also worked a pirate question in my eclipse test today and gave an optional assignment of writing a made up story about something to do with pirates and what we have learned about the moon (tides, seasons, moon phases, eclipses, moon myths, etc.).


Finally, during the test I played the soundtrack to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.


Did I do good?

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Put down your rum

And come back to shore

Pirate talking is done

Talk like a pirate no more


The Sea has released us

The Sun, it is falling

The day, it has passed us

Our beds, they are calling


The pirates day is now done

But children do not fear

Up, the black flag will run

When we talk like pirates next year

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