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So, I promised to show off my Current Projects in the Fall Exchange Thread, so here goes nothing!


So, first off, I have  been having troubles with my Camera. It cannot seem to take non-fuzzy pics of minis consistently, even in macro mode. I took about 30 pictures of my current project minis...11 of those pics came out okay-ish. But at least one of every mini was included in those pics, so here are most of those.







Project #1: Dragonborn Barbarian! Been playing Wednesday Night D&D stuff and have become friends with a couple of regulars. Both have been impressed with my painting "Skills", so I'm making minis for them. The First is playing a Dragonborn Barbarian with a fire/Volcanic flare. So, I took to my Plasticrack Chop-Shop, and created the Abomination above.






And there he is with a coat of Primer and the first red Base coat on his scales.






Project #2: The other Player at the Wed. Game Is fairly young, about 14-15 ish. He has come a long way though, especially since he decided to try playing a Dwarf Paladin. So, I'm making him a custom Mini. Again, I went to the Chop-Shop, but was a little more reserved this time. I chopped off the original Axe, added an Icy Warhammer from a D&D Mini and a Beer Stein I got at GenCon a few years ago at a Mini Class.




Project #3: Diversify my Tieflings! And Finish old projects while I'm at it :P This Lady has been half finished for months. And Yes, the pink hair IS intentional.




Project #4: Mari the Sniper Ranger. This one is for a PC in my F2F 4E D&D Campaign that I run on Saturdays. This mini is apparently Admiral Thrune from some Pathfinder Adventure done up for their Pre-Painted Minis. All I care about though is that this is a Female Human with a Crossbow! You would not think that would be something difficult to find, but you would be wrong. Original Paint job was in a kind of bright red. Looks very different in these colors.


Anywho, Please comment. I live on Kind Words and Good Advice:)



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It took me forever to figure out the picture part of this hobby, but here are a few tips I have picked up:


1.  Use the macro mode on the camera (it looks like a little flower icon).

2.  Use the timer and a tripod (or at least something to set the camera on).  That way you have no chance of moving the camera.

3.  Use a neutral background (grey or blue seems to work the best for me). 

4.  Build a photo booth.  You can find pretty good tutorials on this online... but in essence you need some foam core board, tracing paper, masking tape, and lamps.  Then, inside the photo booth, whatever you decide to use for the background medium, place it at an angle so that you do not have corners to create shadows.  I lost my old one in my recent move, so I just built one about three weeks ago for about $15.00.


Hands down, the photo taking is the most frustrating part of this hobby when trying to get proper feedback.  I hope these tips help.



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I usually hold the Camera about 8-10 Inches away from the Mini. Is that enough, too much or too close?



I use macro mode. Not sure how to set up a Timer on my Camera but I can check. think I have a Small Tripod somewhere. I'll check for it. also, I will search for a better "Background" as well. as for a "Photo Booth", unfortunately I do not have the space for one. But if that changes, it sounds like a thing to have available!



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Macro mode will make the depth of focus narrower, unless you know what you are doing and want to put a lot of effort into pictures you are probably better off not using it and keeping the camera about a foot back. It depends on your camera too. Try some experimenting, bytes are cheap.


I can't post the link from my phone but Doug sunsdeth has a great tutorial on simple but effective photography. You can build on that to do the higher end stuff suggested by mousekiler if you still need it.

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I'd try pulling the camera back a little bit more like 12-14 inches away. Make sure it's focused on the face/head area, hold steady, then snap the pic and crop a little bit. I use my iPhone 5 camera for all my pics and touch the screen where their face is to make it focus the little yellow box there and they seem to come out really nicely. 

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First Update with Pics. Found my Tripod and some blank gray-ish Cardboard and took some more Pics of my most recent Progress. The Paint was still wet on parts of one of them! All but one came out Much Better than my last ones! The Tripod has a swivel thing on it and while adjusting stuff, I uh, took a picture of my Table from about 2 inches away:P And no I'm not sharing that Pic!






First pic is slightly fuzzy but much better than the last time a took pics of this mini.






Mari the Urban Ranger needs a bit of work on her face and a couple of other details.






Aeragon the Dragonborn Barbarian has several of his Base Coats started.






Quynn The Dwarven Paladin is barely started except the first details on his Shield.



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      I finished Mason Thornwarden a little earlier today. He's painted up to a (hopefully) decent tabletop standard. I've been reading a lot about Rangers of Shadowdeep on various blogs all over the internet; I can neither confirm nor deny that is what may have led to his selection for the paintbrush.
      Let me know what you think of him, please.



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      This is a Patrick Keith sculpt  from the Warlord range and I have loved it since it came out years ago.  She would be a really cool player character, I don't know why we don't see her more often.  Great dynamic movement with this one.  Anyway, I threw some color on her, so maybe she'll end up on the table one day. 

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      Tor Skullcrusher,
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      As mentioned in the Work In Progress, this is a character of mine from an existing campaign.  The character has died once and was raised from the dead suffering a drop in his already low Charisma score as a result.  His caved-in skull didn't heal properly and the concussion and time in limbo have left him "off" personality wise.
      So, with damaged head and tattoos adorning his arms and the opposite side of his skull, I present the embodiment of his family surname, Tor Skullcrusher. 




      These were taken with a single strip light source so I may come back to this and take some more pics with two background lights.
      As always, feel free to leave notes and praise as warranted.  
      Thanks for looking.
      Enjoy and Stay safe.
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      This is a relatively recent paint job and I struggled with colors for a while before taking inspiration from another model and strengthening the contrast in places.  I like the model but she feels very stiff and doll-like.

      Or maybe she doesn't like the light in her eyes:

      Fiddled around with some freehand on the back:

    • By Thrym
      Tor Skullcrusher,
      dwarven tattooed monk
      A Thrym Project  :: A Custom Miniature developed on Hero Forge and 3D printed by a friend.
      Started working on character of mine who is a Dwarven Tattooed Monk.  As I mentioned, I created him using Hero Forge, downloaded the .STL, and had him printed elsewhere.

      I enjoy using the interface on Hero Forge so far.  I have designed and purchased 3 STLs and 2 minis.
      Once I received the print, I made a manual adjustment to his skull.  An ironic happenstance, given the character's name.
      Tor, being a dwarf and confident in his skills against ogres was going toe-to-toe with a rather large ogre with a great club.  This is not something unusual so far.  The party had been exploring an ogre controlled encampment searching for an item and information for a tribe of centaurs nearby.  Unfortunately, Tor suffered a critical hit from the Ogre Champion's club and took a lot of damage when he was already near unconsciousness.  He effectively had his namesake applied to his own noggin.

      So I removed a large segment of his skull by the patch to approximate the results of his disfigurement once the party ... eventually ... managed to raise him from the dead.  His demeanor and appearance was never pleasing to begin with and now it's even worse.
      I painted on a primer coat first so I could see where I was removing plastic better.  The majority of the work was done with a rounded mini-file as well as a small gouge chisel.  I cleaned up the space with a small sanding twig.
      For a color scheme, his pallid skin is Reaper's Fair Skin.  The coat is Army Painter's D&D Vampire Garments with Army Painter D&D Mouldy Wash.  I put the wash over his skin and his hand wraps as well.  The coat's trim is just the Vampire Garments again.


      For the tans I used Reaper's Desert Sand, Desert Stone, Desert Tan, and Woodland Brown; or some combination thereof.  The eye patch, the lining of the coat and the belt are Army Painter's D&D Wraith Black as well as the tattoos on his right and left forearms and the side of his head.
      His boots started out as Reaper's Coal Black but I need to reshake the bottle before going back to it.
      Yes, I know the pics and the paint wash are a little dark, but the next set of pics will be better lit.  I am planning on layering his highlights up to brighter points. 
      More work to come soon.
      Stay Tuned and Safe.  Enjoy.
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