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Paranoia RPG Minis seeking feedback.


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And I will *definitely* be using CAVs (like the Razor is perfect for a Warbot) as bots.  Any good suggestions for Scrubots?


Don't know if it is a good idea, you will have to decide:



50201: Cyborg Parts


24578: Flail (tread sections)


Reversed/Inverted Flail Rocket Launchers



Possibly the Flail rocket launchers could be turned upside down to face the floor, with optional little swatches of velcro fuzz covering the rockets, then they could be the business end of the scrubbers --- extend or connect with pieces from the cyborg sprue.


Edit: 50064 Briony has a bot-scooter (4 wheels) that has a good jackbot arm option. And 50164 might be a thought for some smaller bots, maybe add some tool bitz from 50201.

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Highlighted Yellow with tanned highlight, and was trying to use the same color I had highlighted Orange and Red with as the shadow(Burnt Orange), but I think that was somewhat less successful.



You can also see that I have begun Blue. Indigo and Violet are also over there.



I will be using highlighting to make blue and indigo more easy to distinguish. I swear I used different blues

The monkey in the background is also enjoying the view.

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I've been out of it too long.  Bryan, love the Paranoia Game.  I've tried to get our group to go and have a run at it again.  I have all kinds of ideas how to run a game now.


As for the troubleshooters in different colors, I love what you have done.  But I only need them in Red, maybe a yellow or two, maybe maybe an orange, troubleshooters life expediencies are too short for any other colors.  <Muhaha>  "No citizen Friend Computer did not emit an evil laugh."  "Please report to the nearest med bay to have your hearing checked."  "Note if you wish to upgrade your experience, have the med tech use the new laser ear inspection tool just received from R&D."

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