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Finding Players (Meetup Thread)


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I am in Erie PA and I'm wondering if there are any other local players.  Also I thought other people might want a resource to find local players. :)


User Name                  State      City/Region

Arc 724                        AL         Birmingham

MikeD                           AL          Huntsville

Trexy                           AR           Fort Smith

Major Girot                  AZ          Chandler  (same general area as Phoenix)

Mastergunz                  CA          Bakersfield

imitchellsmith               CA          Long Beach

bhchan                         CA         South Orange County (x2)

jughead                        CA         Inland empire, Southern calif. area.

Homunculus23             CO         Denver

Mallus                          CO         Denver

Rastl                            CO         Denver

kristof65                       CO         Lakewood

Dilvish the Deliverer     CT          Colchester

Storm_Bringer             NH           Lebanon (home to Black Moon Games)

Guyscanwefocusplease  FL       Lower Florida Keys

Maredudd                    FL          Space Coast/South Daytona

Tarman                        FL          Tallahassee

ThatDeadGuy             FL           Daytona Beach  (There is half a dozen or so of us)

wax_eagle                  GA/TN      NW GA/Chattanooga TN

Corsair                          IL           Carbondale

fishnjeeps                     IL           Berwyn/Chicago

Fiveocommando          IL            Rockford

lowlylowlycook              IL           Southern Illinois/Metro East area

papabees                     IN           Indianapolis

mercoutlaw                   IN           Valparaiso   (plays from Chicago to Indianapolis)

Thogrid                        KS          Kansas City (Kansas side)

CarlZog                        MA         Cape Cod

Vytau                            MI           Detroit

cpdilloway                    MI           Saginaw

Jeneki                          MN          Minneapolis

Chrome                        NE          Omaha

Rintor                           NM          Albuquerque

Vil-hatarn                     NY          Huntington

Watchman                    NY          Watertown area

fmagawjr                      OH          Ada

EddieVanShatner         OH         Bay Village

bibblesbun                   OH         Cincinnati

Thunderwarp                OH         Cleveland

Ludo                             OK         Tulsa

HornedTurtle                 PA          Erie

Bonwirn                         SC        Greenville

Warboss Walton           VA          Richmond

Kazimierz                      TN         Knoxville

Gromik                         TN          Franklin (just south of Nashville)

squatwarloard              TN          Hendersonville (north of Nashville)

Chriskirby                      TX         Dallas

Zaros                            TX          Dallas

Savage Coyote             TX          North DFW

Weird-O                        TX          South D/FW, specifically Arlington

siefertma                       WI         Muskego, (just West of Milwaukee)


Colonel Kane     xxxxx Redacted xxxxx

Black Cutlass     Between Tug Hill and the Adirondacks, In the valley of the Black River. A place called Lowville.


SparksMurphey           Adelaide, South Australia

PatrickK                      Mainz/Wiesbaden area in Germany

Club                            Vancover Canada

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic


Been eyeballing CAV for a while (1.5+ years) and bidding (unsuccessfully) on CAV lots on ebay.

Now waiting on my affordable KS miniatures.

This winter might permit some small amount of free time to game.


What! Reaper people here! PM me sometime, I like meeting new folks and work downtown.

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