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So I'm in the middle of working on 5 figures for my Pathfinder Group members, we are know collectively as The Queen's Hand.


  • Stonehaven Gnomes (Mad Scientist & Thief) - Mr. Keen is the Alchemist and Shaddix is the mutated form, a single player uses both figures for his PC. It's a gnome alchemist who uses mutagens to change forms, so the Mad Scientist/Alchemist is the more reasonable half and the Thief/Mutated form is his crazy side. I'll be trying to add little bat wings to the Mad Scientist form as he's got those as a mutation as well. - EDIT - This character was made into a cohort, I'm still going to paint up the figures since I started on them, but the Alchemist will be following the orders of a new Priest of Asmodeus (below Hellknight).

    Alchemist form art inspiration


    Mutated form art inspiration



  • Bard, Sandru Vhiski (Reaper) - Alexite is a Chaotic Evil Bard (Detective) is just loves to kill things and use subterfuge to do so. The figure is smiling, I'm going to attempt to use paint to make him look like he's sneering. I've also filed off his goatee and given him a cleft chin.

    Art inspiration



  • Elf Ranger, Arthal Nightblade (Reaper) - Maloc is a human mercenary fighter (archer) from Mwangi (think Africa) who looks like Heimdall from Thor. I've already filed off his ear points to make him look more human. I'm also planning on giving him a tiny beard (but going to double check on that with the player first before I do so).

    Art inspiration 



  • Not shown - Hellknight who'll be joining us in a few weeks. I need to talk to the player and find out what that character will look like and find a figure for it. Obviously, he'll be the last thing I paint here. Still waiting on hearing back from the Player, will bug him again soon.
  • Victus - Priest of Asmodeus, becoming the main character for the Player who also has the crazy Alchemist gnome. Need to find an appropriate figure for this guy.

    Art inspiration drawn by the Player himself



All of these are evil characters who are part of the Queen's Hand, an elite squad that is on the hunt for a character who committed treason agains the crown. My previous figure (Tiefling Summoner) is the nominal leader of the group.


Here are the first pics of the figures as I got them all cleaned up, primed, slathered black wash over them, and then a bit of dry-brushing of the white primer again to bring out some pre-highlights. Finding I like doing this more and more.


Shaddix & Mr. Keen - 




Bard -



Archer - 



Throughout this WIP thread, I'll be asking for some C&C to try to get these all looking good (err evil). So any and all would be greatly appreciated!

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Sounds like a fun campaign. Also you picked out great minis to represent the art inspiration. Can't wait to see these progress.



It is pretty fun so far. Finished our second session last night. Always fun to find figures that fit the artwork inspiration pics even if a bit of modification is needed on my part. I don't mind doing a little more work to make them look right.

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Hooray for evil characters!  ^_^ Looking forward to seeing your work on all of these!


MUAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH! Yep, evil characters are FUN as long as they don't turn on each other, which shouldn't happen since we've been threatened by the Queen not to do so or we all die.

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If I were painting this "incredible" looking batch of evilness, I would have my color wheel out,

looking at complimentary colors, and trying to come up with ways to use Purple, and black in full intensity.

Those figures are so well sculpted, you could play in the shadows for days, making them very sinister !

Great Choices !

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When I paint for others, I'll ask what colors they want me to paint their figures, this is to be more personalized for them. Got a couple of emails out to find out what the archer and the bard should be painted up like.


Looking forward to plowing through this group of PC's that's for sure! It'll be a blast.

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