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Real Cyborgs

Joe the Revelator

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I dunno.

Every time I have a pocketknife with me, I have no use for it, until I have to board a plane or enter a municipal or government building, at which point it becomes a liability. Only when I do NOT have a Gerber Multitool do I ever NEED one.

I therefore conclude that if I had adamantium claws, I would never need a sharp object again, for the rest of my life.

Yeah, I'm stickin' with a transporter.

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Boy howdy, it's getting to the point where I very likely need the same thing. Correcting a self identfiying immune system will take even longer I think.


The way I see it, you either have to remove every white blood cell in the body, and test it to see if it's a good wbc or a bad wbc, and put them all back after they get tested (Kinda sorta what an autologous stem cell transplant is now, but without the whole body radiation to try to remove any lingering ones, but this procedure has a VERY high mortality) 


Or we need to have nanobots that go into the body and act as white blood cell police, killing the ones who recognize self antigens. Which also sounds really dangerous. 


But even if you filtered, graded and re-inserted WBCs the good ones have a shelf-life? Is that correct?


Then the bone marrow makes more WBCs. Presumably, the same mix of normal versus non-optimal as before?


Also, are bone marrow cells specialized by which of the five or so types of  blood cells they manufacture? 

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