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Games Workshop Stormwolf

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Rockin' it! Some super-fine sandpaper, like 1000 grit, would let you be rid of the paint that's preventing assembly.


Very rad model without being totally GW stupid (cyber wolf flying chariot GAHHHH), and a nice job on it!

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"There's a bit of a gap.  I didn't assemble it quite how the instructions recommend.  You're supposed to put everything together, then paint it.  However, I painted it in stages.  And to be able to do the zenithal, but paint the cockpit separately, I had to leave the top as a separate piece until I was done."


Instructions are gentle suggestions, which should be swiftly abandoned.


Looks better for it, honestly. And it may be my bias because I think this is the coolest ship of the series, but darn fine work. Especially the cockpit and those engines. So good...

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Duly noted, Galactica has arrived at the Workshop. 


It's very nicely painted, and I think painting it all together would have caused problems just on the basis of how you wanted to paint it, so good for you doing it your way!

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That's one of their coolest vehicles and you gave it a fantastic paintjob. I especially love what you did with the engines. What is the main color you used for that? 

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Thanks, all.


Smoke, it's less the paint than an interior panel that has to sit just right or it doesn't let the top fit quite flush.  It's apparently less of a hassle when its assembled correctly, but I ended up having to slot it in after the fact.  I may end up just taking out the panel, since it's not visible unless you open the troop door.  I should mention, I actually like the GW ridiculousness.  What sold me on going with a Space Wolves army was the new dreadnought, Murderfang.  With Murderclaws.  And Murderlust.  There is no part of that that isn't hilarious.  I think Warhammer 40K is best when it remembers it's supposed to have an element of parody.


Doramos, it's a GW leadbelcher basecoat.  The turkey feathers then got a glaze of either brass or bronze from Vallejo.  The rest was a few washes and some highlights with brighter metallics.

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It's very nice. I appreciate your attention to detail and the work you did to make this look like a working, functioning craft.

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Oh, forgot to mention a happy little accident that happened after I took those pictures.  The sealer frosted up the window on the cockpit, and when I used an alcohol wipe to clean it off, it left a neat little effect:




In case you guys were wondering, here's what the competition looks like: 




Sorry for the quality on this.  None of my pictures on this guy came out well.  The black on this one is extremely smooth and clean, which doesn't really come across in the picture.  






Some really nice basing on these spirit host miniatures.






Bit of good detail work.  I think some edge highlighting would have made this one pop really well.






This 'un I think is going to win.  Beautiful blending, great base, and some conversion work to change it from a dark eldar flying unit into a Warhammer NPC called Valkia.

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