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The Last Parsec - Sci-Fi Setting with Minis for Savage Worlds


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Hi all,


Pinnacle Entertainment started a Kickstarter yesterday for a Savage Worlds sci-fi setting, The Last Parsec. It's kind of a return to classic SF RPG ideas of aliens and adventure. The game has already funded and reached three of its Stretch Goals.


What I thought might be of particular interest to this group are the miniatures made by Bronze Age Miniatures for the setting. Nine minis are guaranteed with the potential for three more if their Stretch Goals are reached.


For this Kickstarter, we added something new, a Reward level just to get the miniatures. So if you're not interested in the other stuff and just want the minis, there's an option for them alone.


If it sounds interesting, check it out!




And here's a link to Bronze Age Miniatures for anyone unfamiliar with them...





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Hi gang, just a final countdown advisory as we're in the last days with less than 24 hours to go.


As noted before, there is a Reward Level just to get the miniatures if that's all you want, and it includes getting unlocked Stretch Goal minis for free.


We've already unlocked the first of the Stretch Goal minis, the Floran (plant-based alien), bringing the total up to 10 minis in the set. And we are more than 70% towards unlocking the next Stretch Goal mini, the Saurian.


Who knows, with enough of a push, we might even unlock the final mini, the Rakashan.


Anyway, if you have any interest in Sci-Fi minis or especially a Savage Worlds Sci-Fi Setting, check it out.





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