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Where to Begin with paints


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Hello all,

 So I decided to start painting after an almost 20 year(yes I am that old) absence from the hobby. I have a number of unpainted figures but 0 paints. The only paints I find in the shops near me are the Citadel line and I was never much of a fan. Reading reviews Reaper seems to be getting very positive reviews. So I have decided to give them a try.

Now the question; bare minimum to start with? Do I buy 10 paints or go with the new Learn to Paint Kit? If I pickup a variety of paints to start with what should they be?

I want to try this again but I don't want to spend a lot and I tend to overthink EVERYTHING.

Any suggestions would be very welcome.



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The Bones LTPK is of middling value, IMO not as fantastic as the old metal ones used to be.  For $35 you get $36 worth of paint, plus 3x 50c miniatures and 2 $4 brushes, with an instruction guide.  So unless you could use the brushes, I'd just buy straight paint.  If the instruction guide is on par with the old LTPK1, then I'd definitely skip (LTPK2 had great instructions, but kit 1 was really badly written).


You should cover your bases.  10 Paints (as silly as it sounds) is probably not quite enough to paint absolutely everything unless you're amazing at mixing color, and even then you'll waste a lot of paint.  Start with the basics, and go from there.


Blood Red

Sapphire Blue

Grass Green

Sun Yellow

Pure White

Pure Black

Rainy Grey (50/50 black/white)

Imperial Purple

Intense Brown

Tanned Skin


That's my pick for 10.  If you want 20, add


Tanned Shadow

Tanned Highlight

Tanned Leather

Fire Orange

Honed Steel

Antique Gold

Walnut Brown (or Blackened Brown)

Oiled Leather

Black Ink

Rosy Skin

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There are numerous threads on this topic. Here are a couple of the more recent ones.








I think that's enough links. Those go back to January 2013. There is approximately one thread per month, but these cover a lot of material.


The Bones LTPK instructions were written by Rhonda Bender (Wren on the forums) and they are excellent. If you are starting again then it is as good a place as any to start and the case that the kit comes is very handy. I have five of them. The metal LTPKs are no longer available and after Reaper changed out the paint strip for bottled paints were considerably under priced.

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Welcome!  Generally I suggest that the paint sets listed in the first Bones kickstarter have a good assortment of colors if you don't know where to start.  However, I just got the new Learn To Paint kit and the instruction leaflet has suggestions on both technique and suggested paint ratios to get the results shown on the included miniatures.  Definitely a good place to start.  Plus the storage box is pretty handy. 

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Oh, where to start with paints. I read pants the first time.


...carry on as you were.

I'm a right leg person myself but I think the Mr starts with his left. Both my nephews are two footers though.


Then I would say you have future Firemen in the family!


LTPK's are great but they only whet your appetite for paints.. then you start buying the triads for skin tones...oh look clears..and metals....

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