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Anyone in DFW area willing to come teach basic mini painting in store?


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Hey all,


I DM D&D Encounters at Common Ground Games in Dallas. This past week we had several players asking about learning to paint their miniatures. It is something that I have always wanted to do, but the idea of putting brush to mini terrifies me.


I was wondering if there was anyone in the DFW area that would be willing to come and teach a few classes on the basics of miniature painting.

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I think it is Noon to 4 on Saturdays. I just checked the distance with Google-Map-Fu and the CGD store is only 40 minutes away from Reaper HQ (30 miles).


Link to map if link will work.


Basically, from the CGD store: jump on I-35E, head North, stay on it until it crosses Lake Lewisville, jump off at Teasley and head West. Reaper will be on the left. You can miss it. But you cannot miss the 600++ foot tall police-fire-rescue comms antenna that is standing in Reaper's parking lot. (It is literally taller than Godzilla.) If you pass a High School on the right, you went too far, turn around. 


But Ub3r is completely correct: some of the better miniatures painters in the area, paints and water provided, bring your own brushes, just 30 miles away. You live in Texas: 30 miles = next door.


And if you forget to bring a miniature: they have them all, in blisters, every [!] Reaper Miniature that is in production, just hanging on a wall...



++Edit: It is only 400 feet tall; (still taller than Godzilla); but I was correct about the hours & day.

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Don't let the idea of putting paint on minis frighten you. If you get this off the ground, you will soon understand that you don't have to be Rembrandt reborn to make a tabletop figure look very good with only a little effort. Unfortunatley I am a long long ways away from Texas, because frankly I love painting, and would quite like to get more people into it. Also, I really encourage you to go stop by Reaper, call ahead and see if you can get a factory tour, everyone there (even Bryan) is really cool, and it's a neat thing to see.

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