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Seablade the Octopus

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Recently saw some octopi minis done up with each tentacle separate from the body and wanted to have a few. And as luck would have it, I've scored a few toy octopi on the cheap of recent. Here's the work so far on this one.


Chop... chop...




Blue food colouring with acrylic floor finish



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Just reading the topic title, I figured 'Seablade' was a boat ... Like a fantasy trireme or something ... Then I spotted it didn't say, "Seablade +AND+ the Octopus".


Gargantuan Octopi names: Whipfoam, Wavecoil, Waveserpent, Inkslinger, Deepreach...

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Its the name of the toy. In the original form it does a whirlwind attack with it's tentacles if you push it along.




I was actually kinda surprised they did a halfway decent job on the mold of the thing.


I almost kept the jolly roger tattoo, but the paint they used for that and the black of the eye came right off during sterilization. I clean used toys with Isopropyl Alcohol and the ink came off on contact. 


I probably could have a done a better job on the thing, but i want to be done with it so it doesn't join the ever growing backlog of stuff I start but don't finish for months or years.


Posted in show off.

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