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Presenting King Thorgram, Fall Exchange mini Reaper Miniature 14042

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Thank you all for the compliments.


Don't worry Kharsin you aren't behind. I just really wanted to have my exchange mini sent out to Fishnjeeps in time for his birthday, so I pressed forward with completing him in time. There are a few items I could've fussed more with but in the end I think he turned out ok. Luckily I had an uneventful week and I convinced my weekly gaming group to have a paint night rather than gaming to give me some more time without cancelling on my group allowing me to get him done in time.


I can't wait to see more exchange minis completed and will be following along on the exchange thread too.

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Ooh red hair is just so hard to paint... but you totally nailed it, this looks awesome! Love the color scheme, it all fits perfectly.  :blush:


Thank you, Red hair is my favorite hair color, so I paint it a bit too often.

Try the red hair triad by reaper. It simplifies things when you're getting the grasp of it. I haven't done red hair in a while... hmmm... This is definitely a good example of red hair! :)

Sound advice the red hair triad really helps with red hair I still use it for my redheads I just add a few other colors depending on intensity and brightness. 


For the King here I used Reaper's Blackened Brown for the deepest shadow and went as high as Reaper's blonde hair with just a touch of highlight orange added. In case anyone is interested here is a photo of my palette of color mixes and such of his hair colors. The only color that wasn't for his hair in this photo was the white, I had to fix his eye reflection when I noticed it was a bit off on the left eye.



I was going to post a WIP of this miniature after he was sent but I only really took good in process shots of his face and hair. Then I missed a sizeable chunk before I remembered to start again, but I did get most of the hair steps.

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