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I cross this desert snow, leaving

prints of puddled light; my passing

only a whisper



as between lovers.

A ring of trees stand,



in supplication to a moon, pregnant

swollen with night.


As if conjured, you appear from a place

of howling need;


                                                                       Did I invent you?

Memorized, your form; perfection

perched, soul parched, like water


                                                                       I drink you.

The pulse-beat at your throat, its

vibration confounds my senses.



by more than distance, by essence, by



                                                                       I feel you.


You are my predator, I your prey,

                                                                       your meat.

Time blinks, a pause, a spread of

wings, the raptor ascends.


                                                                       Sanity misplaced.

A symphony of pain, a crushing of bone,

tearing of sinew;


                                                                       exquisite agony,


savage ache.

Blood kisses the ground,


                                                                       a virgin flower

blossoms red against a sheet of white

Flesh into flesh, eternities end


                                                                       At last

as one.


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