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Ink Experimentation - Torla

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In The Worlds In My Head, Torla (no last name) is a Silmn woman who was born into slavery under the Nathi empire. She was trained as a classical dancer until her master underwent justifiable homicide at her hands. She was sentenced to an experimental facility where she was grafted into a prototype bonemetal exosuit as the first step towards creating an army of expendable drone soldiers.

She escaped with the aid of a deep-cover agent and is now on the run from not only the Nathi and their Human allies, but also her own people. The best she can hope for is a moment's peace; the worst is dissection in the name of research...


Torla was an exercise in using inks for as much as possible and seeing how far I could push it without doing conventional highlighting. I'm really pleased with the results.

Reaper body, Wargames Factory head.

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