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Best CAV that didn't make it into the KS?


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I saw an Ogre this past weekend . . . I like it!


It most certainly IS a BIG STOMPY ROBOT!!




Has brain, is robot, but not stompy?





(Couldn't resist! grins, ducks, runs...)


More seriously, I like the Mantis, and also the Concussion and Kestral. 

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Most of the Rach made it, so I'll drag over my soap box.


Scorpion and Spiders!  


Granted, they never stood a chance, having been DOOM'ed.


But if headless lion AT-AT wannabes can make the cut...



I agree and I still say that they should unDoom the Scorpion and spiders.   Just recast the legs to put some detail in them.  But I love Scorpion's

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