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Dark Hold Pack Rat

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So I got my rat addon from the Dark Hold goblin Kickstarter =P Figured I'd start up a WIP because i want to start painting him right away, he's really cool!

I thought about classic rat colors, but decided I didn't want to do that. Firstly, because he's so big and has so much area of fur that it'd be a shame to paint it all one color. Secondly, I figure he's semi-domesticated and domesticated animals usually end up with patterned coats. So I'm going for a variegated black and white rat


similar to this:





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Thanks! I'm really glad I went into the KS for him, he's a lot of fun. Lots to paint. I like painting pack things. The Overladen Henchman, the Pack Camels, this guy. It's just fun painting things with so much detail 


And i like his little snarl. And that big nose! I find it cute  ^_^

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Great Pack Rat !!!

Looks like a hoot to paint, love that facial expression !

Can't wait to see what you do with him !

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Looking very nice on that base.


Thanks! It's one of the Blasted Wetlands cavalry bases from Secret Weapon, I ordered a set of 3. One for him, and two for my incoming Bones 2 minis. There are two mounted figures that I decided to re-base onto the cavalry bases once I have them  ^_^

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