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Girot's CAV To-Do List

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I've promised a handful of CAV resources in the near future.  I'm going to list the ones I remember here so those interested can get updates and make requests.  Here is the list so far: Force Group

If you don't mind, which three CAVs were you thinking of painting? I'll pick ones that you aren't and put those up on my channel. I'll be able to do them when the early birds ship.

The original was a hand sculpted model and the 74 was done with CAD. The bodies are essentially the same (maybe a slightly different pose) but the CAD one is more precise.

  • 3 months later...

This list of awesome has not been forgotten.  Life has be tied up in knots BUT I there has been some update-worthy activity:

  • Force Group Example PDF [50%]:  This will contain updated versions of all of the FGs I've created so far.  I will be adding new FGs of various sizes so there is something for everybody.  The core rule book is nearly complete.  To avoid having to redo 10+ hours of work due to last minute changes this is going to wait until the book and final version of the unit cards get released.  We should still have PLENTY of time to make changes to our pledges after the book's release.  I'll find out for sure, though.
  • Scale Reference PDF [80%]:  This will contain all of the scale reference pics I've created so far in one easy download.  The PDF will include a table of contents, an index of everything you see in the pictures, and hyper links to the product owners websites.  All this is waiting on is for me to assemble and photograph the DZC APC I picked up by request and get it photographed.
  • "Black Market" Unit Card Pack PDF [1%]:  The metal minis that didn't make it onto the List of Doom are still available in metal but won't get getting "officially" updated to CAV:SO.  I will create unit cards for these models in the style of black market goods.  I'll discuss the "legality" of these once I get started on them.  With the release of the unit card creator this item isn't really necessary.  If I still do this it'll be at the bottom of the list.
  • How To Work With CAV Bones Video [5%]:  A short informational video detailing the pleasures and perils of working with Bones as they pertain to CAV.  Waiting for the time to knock this one out.  Should be the first video to drop as it'll be the shortest and easiest to film and edit.
  • How To Paint CAV Video [1%]:  This will likely be a series of videos covering the Dictator-B, the Cougar, and the Specter.  I'll discuss paint schemes, prep, planning, and do a time lapse/fast forward of me painting each model.  Painting takes the longest so these will likely be the last videos to get released.  I might also do a Thunderbird (since I have a metal one) and a surprise model.
  • How To Convert CAV Video [1%]:  This will focus mostly on Bones but I will include some tips for customizing the metal models as well.  REQUESTS:  Magnetics  This should be the second video.  Again, it won't be difficult to film/edit.  Converting is pretty easy so long as you already have a concept in mind and an idea of how to pull it off.
  • Homemade CAV Terrain Video [40%]:  I have a huge box of plastic junk.  Watch as I turn a bunch of it into CAV terrain!  I had an hour or two to putz around in my junk bin and have a nice collection of buildings planned.  I'm very excited to try these out but had to stop myself until I was setup to film my tinkerings as promised.


I've got a little time to spill some details so here we go:



  • Dictator-B:  I am going to stick with the "garish" theme the Rach are so fond of, but with a more modern spin.  My inspiration for my dictators will be in the vein of Evangelion Unit 02 (rebuild version).  I love this aesthetic and think it fits very well.
  • Specter-B:  Ever since I read up on them the Malvernis have resonated on the same level (at least for me) as the Draenei (World of Warcraft).  I'll be using grays and white metals as a foundation and accenting with vibrant blues, pinks, and purples.
  • Cougar (spec ops variant):  This model is getting converted for one of the videos.  The plan is to turn it into a specialized spec ops/black ops model.  As a longtime EVE pilot I have something of a love affair with my Widow and will be basing this CAV's paint scheme on that ship.

Thoughts on Faction Schemes

  • Terran Federation:  History has the Terrans decked out in a lot of desert camo so I'll be going this route.  I'll be updated the look, however, by attempting a faux digital camo pattern.  "Transition areas" (aka joints) and smaller weapon systems will be blackish with some metal here and there.  Larger weapons get camo.
  • Templars:  These folks are pretty straight forward.  Any Templars I paint will get a heavy dose of blue, white, and metalics.  Blue energy effects.  My go-to reference for this faction is Ky Kiske of Guilty Gear fame.
  • Rach Empire:  I will be sticking with a lot of anime-style concepts with heavy influence by Kilrathi and Klingon.  I'd like to use the Rach as an excuse to play with unconventional texture/detailing like tiger stripes, panther spots, etc.  I love their cultural concept and look forward to creating my War Packs!
  • Malvernis:  As stated above I'll be drawing a lot of inspiration from the Draenei: a cool but colorful palette tempered with the cold practicality of grays and white metals.
  • Ritterlich:  This one is tricky for me.  Traditionally one sees Ritter done in purple.  Since I'm using that color with my Malvernis that simply won't due.  Part of me wants to go in the direction of Vampire Hunter D/Trinity Blood/Hellsing for this faction due to the whole space vampire thing.  Unfortunately the aesthetics of the miniatures doesn't really lend itself to that style.  I could do a blood red/ black/ and aged gold approach but I'm sure I can do better.  I'd love to hear everybody else's thoughts on the Ritter.
  • Adon:  Last but not least we have the space elves.  I'm inclined to stick with the greens and yellows here, though I'd prefer something in the vein of Crest of the Stars.  The space elves in that series are pretty cool, if not a bit drab.

Missiles/Rockets:  To provide a subtle but effective visual cue I am going to paint the warhead tips different colors.  Red for missiles and yellow for rockets.


Windows/Glass:  This is definitely my weakest area.  I'm sure some googling will provide a usable tutorial but any suggestions are welcome.

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